Waiting and Waiting Some More

I am not a patient person by nature. I have trained myself to bite my tongue, hold my breath and keep my big old mouth shut when things are going slowly. No I don’t want to but yes I know I have to. So right now it is hard to wait super hard.

The home study was signed off on yesterday. I was told she would give it to the DSS worker. I email the DSS worker, did you get it late in the afternoon. Well it is the next night and no response. Uggg…..I contacted the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Worker and she is glad it is done but does not know if I am “open”, well no I don’t imagine she does but she did say ” I know C will be ready to move quickly as soon as school and B2H can be set up.  I am confident that you can get her home-permanently- for the holidays!  ;)”

OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!! That is exactly what I want but today…sigh no movement. I contacted her counselor, the one who should take the lead on when she can come and for how long etc. She has no information that is new, why was there some? YES!!!!  OK OK breathe no point in getting wrapped up because it won’t help anyway. AAAAHHHHH why are things moving so slowly!!!!!

Time to refocus, oh right today is also the day that the Chicken Soup book came out for the general population. Here is the cover, isn’t it pretty?!?!?!


Yes that is the official photo I am suppose to give out when mentioning that I am in the book. The PR person told me so..heehee I have a PR person for the moment. It is a nice book and my boss was kind enough to buy  his own copy and he gave it to me today and asked if I would please sign it for him. He is so silly but yes I did he really is a great guy.

I have to admit it is weird to see myself in print like this. I am use to seeing myself in newspapers as I spent an entire career doing that but in a book with a very personal story about divine intervention….well that is a whole new level of freaky. It also made me a bit sad though because the one person who I know would have loved to read this book and this story passed away several months ago. I am sure she would have loved it but for now I will have to wait until I see her again to tell her about it.

Hmmm maybe that is what I can focus on, a new story for one of their upcoming books. Or I can do the NaNoWriMo challenge again this year, phew last year I bombed entirely. I should channel this energy into something though because stressing about timing just won’t help

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