Home study Draft

WOW finally after what seems like an eternity I got a draft of the home study. I was so worried about what she would say as in the middle of the first interview M2 had a melt down. During the second interview M1 and M2 got into a huge fight. She had an issue with my dog who she thought was aggressive when he barked. So much seemed to go wrong and then of course my own therapist saying “What if they say no”

I got the draft today and read it with fear and apprehension. So much could go wrong and yet I am happy to say I WAS WRONG!!!! Yep I admit it I WAS WRONG!!!!! The report was glowing and talked about how I was devoted to the kids, had glowing recommendations from friends and even my therapist said I was a good parent. I could breathe…it was really going to happen. N can really come home and really soon. I wanted to scream in joy, cry in joy so many freaking emotions, this could really happen.

The report was all good but had a few minor mistakes. It said my brother is 36, um no 46. It said my sister is in Massachusetts, no she is in Colorado. According to the family data I only had one nephew. Umm no I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews. So of course I made all the corrections required and sent it back same day. I want this and I want it NOW. There are a few more signatures required so I have no idea when “open” will happen but maybe on Monday? I hope so I would love to have my kiddo for the weekend.

OK OK breathe and get some sleep. It is finally over, the worry is over and the concerns squashed. Thank goodness.

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