Learning to Skate

N learning to skate for the first time.

Nope mean that literally. We live in upstate NY and for many  months it is cold and snowy. As such you get to like outdoor things like skating and snow tubing. My kids have been skating since they were 5 and 3. Yep M2 started sooner cus she was with me and I “forced” her. Today was N’s first time ever skating and I was sad, she is 14 and lives where lake effect snow is deeper and colder then us here in the Capital Region. Never once did she ever take to the ice, until today.

OK now the good news is she trusts me when I tell her she can do it and she will get there.I show her what to do but yep I am rusty too. I go a few feet ahead of her and coax and encourage the whole time. She moves at a snail’s pace but keeps at it. All the way around the rink one time before she had to stop. Her anxiety was clear but I kept reassuring her she was good and could do this. She was convinced something “bad” would happen. I laughed and said “Yeah you fell on your butt that is as bad as it gets.” She looked at me hard and then said “Well can I do it again?” Sure kiddo we have 2 hours.

In the end she was snail skating in the middle away from the wall. She was with M1 and was thrilled she could be away from the wall and with her in the middle. M1 of course got it right back after a few minutes. M2 well she was with me and I had an excellent spill and it freaked her out so she did not go back on the ice. I told her I was fine, well all right I lied I have a most excellent egg on my elbow.She was happy to be there though and said she would go again if we could. OK fine I need to work on not falling too!!!

On the ride home M1 was asking a half a million questions about why N did not do more things. I tried to explain life in an institution but she has no concept. I tried to explain how the girls make it hard and limited budgets make many things not possible. She could not understand so I explained how most of her friends loved their phones and that she was probably one of the few who were forced to do things outside of electronics. M1 thought a bit and realized yep that is true. Since they had not real interests it was hard to motivate them to do much past watch TV and movies. She laughed out loud when I explained that yes I had raised her the “old fashioned way”

Yeah it does make me happy and sad. The firsts I will have with her are great but make me sad too. I get it intellectually but man it stinks to think about what she has not done. OK record the positive focus there. We are going to have a lot of good times ahead.

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