Homestudy Jitters

OK so two weeks ago the adoption worker came to the house for the first time. She searched high and low for issues, problems or concerns. We spent a good 2 hours together with me explaining my issues from the war and then my kids issues.  I felt naked and exposed but sucked it up so it could be over sooner. I answered all questions honestly and spend the next two weeks sweating what the outcome.

I made all the adjustments, put in a bunch of accessories and filed all required paperwork. Yikes….OK so then I see my counselor and she says “What are you going to do if they decide you cannot adopt?” OK my heart fell so hard and so fast I could not even breath. It took me moments to compose myself. I stared and thought  “what in the hell did you tell them that you are hiding from me” Yeah ok I am a negative person. I then spent the next three days worrying what could go horribly wrong. I tried to reassure myself nothing worked…OMG why on earth did that have to be an option?

Today the adoption worker showed up. She had N’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Worker with her so I was even more nervous. We sat down and she advised me she had talked to my therapist, my dog’s walker, and M1’s therapists. She tells me everything came back fine. She looked surprised and said to me “Well your therapist has every confidence that when and if you need more help you will ask her. I take this means you two are close which is good, she says she has known you for awhile.”

The WWK’s worker looked at me and said “OK so when do you want her to move in?” I just stared before blurting out “What are you serious? She is really going to move in?” OK the look was classic but still I was in absolute shock. The worker laughed and said “Umm yes that is what you wanted right?” The adoption worker stared at me too and said “We will finish this up by 11/2/16 and then start overnights. Do you want her here for Thanksgiving?” The kids and I yelled “YES!!!!” OK maybe too strong. Don’t care she is really coming to live with us!!!

So next I am going to download the paperwork to get her enrolled here where we live. I am so excited I am not sure I will be able to sleep…yep I am immature like that.

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