More Visit Time

WOW another world wind weekend with N and I am at home now and exhausted. Yes still worth it but dang I am getting old HAHAHAHA.

On Saturday it is rainy and gross to be honest. We went to a place called WonderWorks in Syracuse. The link is WonderWorks OMG so freaking much fun. There was a place where I could play with bubbles and to be quite frank, I did for a long time while the kids walked around and did the whole 4D experience thing. Yep you got it Mom played with bubbles deal with it. I could not do the 4D thing for two reasons, number one recent surgery and it jerked around A LOT and number 2 death fear of heights. Yes if my brain even thinks we are more than 5 feet off the ground good chance I will lose consciousness. No not making that up, its real and you can watch the color drain out of my face when I look out the window of a high building. Unfortunately my kids have seen me go down, thankfully we were with a friend. They are scarred for life and NEVER pressure me to try it anyway.

Sunday was kind if icky and no one was dressed to hike so we went to the movies and walked around a few malls. Can I just say this is me:


But the kids did need things. M2 has grown about 4 inches and needs some pants since shorts are no longer an option. I have lost 20 pounds and well my clothes are falling off so I had no choice really. N,well her clothes are just a constant need. What she has makes her look like she lives in an institution and I hate saying that out loud but people who see her photos they see it too. M1 well she only wears Hot Topic and Aeropostale so if there had not been a 50-70% off sale at the store she would have nothing new cus Momma hates to part with that much money on a non holiday.

So I did get some AMAZING deals so yep it went well. M2 almost had a break down but I did remind her that melt downs mean nothing and she pulled her act together. On a plus side I was able to fit into some non-plus sized clothing so lots of wins all around. N did like the chance to get non-Walmart clothes because this was not part of her clothing allowance. As the day ended this is what we got to see


OMG love skies like this it made me so happy.  No it is not photoshopped it is 100% real photo straight from my SD card.

Today we went walking again because M2 really  needs to “get her wiggles out” before a three hour drive home. We had a bunch of fun walking and looking for shells. The kids went out onto the pier.


I stayed back so they could talk a bit about whateves. They did have a good time and sure enough I tired them out. Seriously, both my two were down by 8pm. YAY Mommy time. We had a long talk with N about our need for her to stop threatening to beat random people up. I am sure it is all bravado but frankly I was just tired of hearing about it and so were the kids. In the end we think she got it but we can’t be sure.

Next weekend, well we are doing respite for my friends kids and I think they are bringing her to me so we shall see. Can’t wait to see her again.

3 thoughts on “More Visit Time

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  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Hope it all works out. Wahoo for your weight loss.
    Love sunsets and your photos are awesome.

    1. I want to play with bubbles! Also, I too do not get this whole shopping as recreation idea. You shop to get stuff you need.

      So glad your adoption is back on track with N and hope the visits continue to go well.

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