Weekend with N

OMG it seemed like forever and yet when we got to see her and I extracted myself from her grip, we had a wonderful time. We talked a lot about what has been going on for her and shared little to no information about why we were separated.


We spent the first day close to her home because I wanted to be close in case she reacted poorly. We went to the movie Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. OK I had read the book a hundred or so years ago but still enjoyed the movie immensely. The funny part was some kids from her agency came to the movie to (unplanned) so I had back up I did not need. We went to Seneca Lake, the YMCA and out to eat. We had a wonderful time. I forgot how much she obsesses¬†around her food so I was constantly prompting her to not focus on food.

The next day I figured we would hike and see if the fall colors were showing. We went up and down Robert Treman Park looking at the lower falls first.


The kids tried to climb up the sides but the combination of rain and slate rock challenged them a ton. N got furthest up but then slide all the way down because it was a lot of ash from the camper nearby. We went hiking half way up the gorge and realized it would be too long to do it with the time we had so we climbed to the top of here.


We then went to Cayuga Lake to play on the playground. I walked around the lake and the kids were playing. I took a few pictures but in a lot of them faces are showing so yeah you are not going to see those LOL.


Nope did not plan the cool clouds above but hey we are working it. More fun was had then we had to drop her off and drive the entire 3 hours home…uggg. Please don’t get me wrong she is totally worth it but yikes after hiking I am pooped.

I sent pictures to her worker and counselor. I have to type up our visit of course and oh yeah clean the house some more they come here in two days!!!!!


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