Skyping with N

So I pray when my exile is over,
With the pain and the heartache behind us,
Back in the peace of the valley you’ll find us-
My Noreen, Mo Storin, and me.

OK no N’s real name is not Noreen. I was jamming to Celtic Thunder and the song Noreen came on and I realized why I cried so hard when it came on. Yep my exile is finally over. We are finally getting back to the valley where we should be, together.

Today N’s counselor met with the floor staff where she lives to tell her I was back and I was adopting. We all got on the same page so no one would tell her otherwise. N’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids worker called me and said “Can you Skype at 2:30?” OK I would have moved heaven and earth if I could but unfortunately I had a veterinarian appointment for the cats so we can be up to date on Rabies shots. Can’t miss that, can’t miss N. I say I will make it happen and with the grace of the holy high roller I got back to my house at 2:18.

I am so nervous I am about to be sick when the computer rings. Breathe,she might be angry and that is to be expected. She might be reserved we have been gone almost a year. As soon as she saw my face on the computer she screeched out loud. She told me for about 2 minutes how much she missed me and I assured her we missed her too. We talked about seeing her soon (next weekend) and how for now we would be Skyping for two days a week. She is thrilled and literally bouncing as we talk. I almost cried the whole time, OMG I missed her so freaking much.

We ended after about 20 minutes because someone else had to use the computer and I told her I would Skype again on Friday with her. I did not want to hang up but knew I had to so we did. I said “I love you” about four times before she closed off the screen. I went and picked up the girls and told them of the call. They were excited too and a bit disappointed because we hoped that we could go this weekend. Oh well there is always next time I suppose.

Uggg one step closer to getting her home. Two weeks until the home study person comes. She told me that the end of October latest we would be open. Open means N can have overnights with us. Not sure when they will actually start but at least it may be an option. I started praying last night that Thanksgiving and Christmas she can be with us even if only for an overnight. Yep gonna have to pray it again to night to be sure.

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