Keeping Things Moving

So things got moving really fast, phew it has been a whirl wind. The adoption worker did email me and sent me 13 attachments and documents I had to fill out. I downloaded everything and spent yesterday filling it out.

Today I asked about a half a million questions about the paperwork. Yikes I had forgotten how in depth these things are. So in case anyone is starting here is what the break out was for the last few days

  1. Called the furnace guys I need to have an inspection
  2. Called the vet. I need updated shots for the cats. Made the cat appointments.
  3. Contacted four people for references and emailed them the forms
  4. Filled out over 20 pages of paper.
  5. Drove to the state police to get rid of all the medicine we don’t use in the house. Because I had surgery I had a bunch of pain killers, muscle relaxants and steroids. No need to have that stuff anywhere.
  6. Identified that I need another fire extinguisher for the furnace room
  7. Called for a well inspection.
  8. Scheduled finger prints online. Went to get fingerprints done today.
  9. Tested all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  10. Copied
    1. Car Insurance
    2. Health, Dental and Vision cards
    3. Income taxes
    4. Drivers license
    5. SSN card
    6. Birth certificate
    7. Home owners insurance
    8. Dog rabies certificate
  11. Contacted three more people for reference on boarding certificate
  12. Diagrammed the whole house, all three floors
  13. Identified what I need to do to make two cabinets locking one for meds and one for flammables.
  14. Dropped off health statement form to the doctor
  15. Identified all home repairs that need to be done (screens ripped, radiator remounted)
  16. Identified all the cleaning that needs to be done

Egads so much work that I am happy to do. I just keep much more work is involved in overseas adoption..yikes

We were told no sleep overs until we were certified as an adoptive home, no problem. The adoption worker called she is coming 10/4/16. OMG OMG she is going to come and I want to be completely ready in advance so I hung up the check list to be sure I have all my stuff lined up. I have cleaned the desk and shelves off. I have found which keys go to which doors and cabinets.

The kids, heaven bless them are doing well with accommodating what needs to be done.They help test locks, alarms and clean as requested. They laughed at the three bags of medications I had to drop off at the police. Oh did I mention I also have open houses for school this week…sigh I have it all I am very happy…lets just hope I don’t forget where I put it.


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