Getting Back on Track

WOW it has been a weekend of huge emotions here at Maison ANYM. We got the fantastically good news on Friday that I was FINALLY cleared. I cried and cried and did I mention cried. Dear heavens I had no idea how much stress this was causing me, well that and the girls, they screamed in joy when I told them.

I send the document to N’s workers and wait. I now it will be a long time until they answer because oh yeah there is a weekend. OK so then today comes and I wait and it is like a kid at Christmas. Patiently and nothing for hours…dear heavens this stinks. First person to respond it DSS asking me what I am going to do from here. I said to them that I was not sure and I did not know if I still wanted to be a foster parent and may go to another agency. The homefinder was very professional and I appreciate it but wow the anger, my co-worker even said “Hey your face and neck are red, what are you pissed off about?” Really don’t want to go back after all this crud that happened.

Next email is from the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids worker, was I still interested in N what did I want to do from here? I said I want to progress as fast as possible but understood it would not happen that way. I told her that I knew I needed a new home study and had to get opened again. The WWK worker said she would ask if her agency could do it but I reminded her that they said they could not because I was too far away (I am an hour and a half away from their closest office in another county). No word after that, oh well people are busy I need to chill.

After what feels like an eternity, ok it was a few hours. I hear from C which is N’s worker. She told me she was glad I was cleared. She had talked to her supervisor and the supervisor suggested I get and adoptive study it would take shorter than foster/adoptive. C asked me what my options were could it be N’s agency, DSS or my friend (works for private adoption agency). I told her I would talk to my friend. I did and sent her a message. My friend returned the email and said it would be $3000.00 payable in two installments. OK lots of money but don’t care can make it happen somehow. She cautions me though and says maybe the other agency could give a better option.

Much later in the day, I get another email from C and she says to me

I heard from WWK and she talked to the (agency) adoption worker. The home study cost would be $500 and that would be your responsibility.  We will cover any post placement costs associated with her being placed in your home.  I don’t know if you have to pay that up front, or when it’s complete. 

WWK  or the adoption worker would do the post placement visits until N’s adoption is finalized.  If you’re okay with this and can manage the home study fee to “N’s agency” I think that would be the quickest option to get you certified.  They know N and understand all you’ve been through so this would be best.  Is this something you are okay with?   (My supervisor) approved you starting contact with N.  We do need (WWK) or (N’s counselor) to talk to N and try to explain to her why things were delayed.  We don’t have to go into all the details but simply that there were some issues in the home that had to be worked through.  I just don’t want her to think that it was something she did.  She will also have to be aware of appropriate boundaries and personal safety.  I know those are things that (agency) staff have continued to work with her on.  I’m excited for N and trust for a positive outcome. 

I tell her immediately, well all right M1 replied back to her as I was driving, that I was fine with it and wanted to start immediately. Two hours later I am super surprised but I get another email from C:

  I am fine with the home study process getting started. I don’t know (adoption worker) schedule but trust you will hear from her soon.  I copied her in this email.    Thanks! 

I told the kids and my BFF and they are all over the moon. I made two repairs that were long overdue and started the list of projects to get things up to speed. I cannot believe it is going to happen…so excited and so scared it can go wrong.


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    1. No I do not. We had a long talk and she realizes that most of the problem with getting N was based on her behavior. She has been working hard at being more in tuned to the family and is very excited to have N come back to us.

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