Having Fun

WOW it is hot, like OMG am I back in Tikrit hot here in sunny NY. I thought about leaving my air conditioned room but a walk with the dog let me know how fast deodorant fails can happen. So it is Sunday and off to church we go. The church has no air conditioning so we swelter but whatever the sermon is good and I am in a halter dress.

We go to leave and both M1 and M2 ask me separately can we get the Littles. Well we had no plans with them and now that their Dad is out of rehab he does spend a lot of time with them, supervised of course. So what the heck let me ask, I mean we are literally 6 minutes  from their house in case Grandfather says yes. Sure enough not even 3 minutes later he responds “They would like that come on over. I will get them ready.”

We go and get them and they are getting ready. Little Man is playing video games and does not want to be pulled away just yet. Grandfather is dressing Little Bit and then sends her off to brush her teeth. I tell the girls to put his shoes on and off I go to help with teeth. When she is done with her teeth Grandfather goes to do her hair. Wow talk about awkward looking. He looked at me sheepishly and said “Hey I am sorry my ex always did the girls hair I have no idea what I am doing exactly. Can you help me?” I smile and show him the basic pony tails and how to get out knots without pulling too hard. He is very appreciative.

He apologizes for not knowing how to do hair so I said “Wait let me tell you a true story. OK my Mom always had really short hair. When I was born and got older I wanted long hair and she had no idea how to do it. So she would give me my hair ties in a baggie and my hairbrush and up the street I would go to the neighbor’s house who had 5 girls and literally stood in line while one by one she did our hair. This went on until I learned to do it myself.” Grandfather laughed I promised him it was all true.

Finally Little Man is set to go and we all head off to the YMCA. We have been working with Little Bit on swimming with a life preserver and Little Man is going for distance. We swam for about 90 minutes till Little Man was shaking he was so cold. We got everyone dressed and headed to the gym for some basketball. Little Man played against the girls and Little Bit and I played catch and ran around. All were pooped when we decided to head home. Yep still gad awful hot so inside we go for a movie. Little Bit crawls onto my lap flips onto her stomach and promptly falls asleep on my chest. She was out solid her little body twitched in her sleep and she started to snore. It was so freaking cute.

She wakes up and I go to start dinner. Of course she has to come with me and watch the noodles boil. I start to mix up the cheese mixture for the Mac and Cheese and Little Man comes bounding over. He climbs up onto my side and asks to help. He finds it fascinating the I make my own Mac and Cheese, he is use to the blue box. He adds cheese to the milk mixture and he and Little Bit take turns stirring it. We add it to the  noodles and viola homemade Mac and Cheese is served. We eat dinner and homeward bound we go.

Dropping the kids off to their family both of them look like they are ready to sleep. The Grandfather thanks me for exhausting them yet again and we head home. I love to spend time with them but  miss them already. Oh well hopefully soon we will see them soon.

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  1. I love how connected you all stay. We are working on fostering a beatter, healthier relationship with Mary’s mom, mainly so she can have a relationship as they grow up. It’s currently quite complicated. We’ll get there…this gives me hope…

    And also, can we chat?! I know you’re in NY and we are two! Suburban Westchester County. Email perhaps? thechroniclesofanonbellymama at gmail dot com.

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