Al Trautwig Wins the Manure Medal

I am a major big time LOVER of gymnastics. Seriously I am thinking of going to Tokyo in 2020 so I can see the amazing young ladies myself. I am glued each night to the TV and then it happened. The tweet that sent me into a rage and brought M1 with me.

Trautwig tweeted, “They may be mom and dad but they are not her parents,” during Biles’ routine in response to a Twitter user who wrote: “Stop calling her PARENTS her grandfather and his wife. A. Nelly is more important than his wife. B. THEY ARE HER PARENTS

I was furious, really furious about this insensitive comment made on social media. WOW was all I could think and I tried to think of a polite way to voice my disgust. Who in the heck is he to decide who her parents are? What gives him the right to take away the title rightly earned by the individuals who raised her even though technically they are her Grandparents.

Of course everyone in my life knows my kids are adopted. They know that I know the family and have a connection to them somehow but only the inner circle knows the exact story. Still the next day I drop the kids off at camp and they are confronted by their peers…did they think ANYM was their Mom even though they were birthed by someone else. I get to work and my coworkers asked did I hear, what do I think. It kept my comments to myself mostly, I just said that there is no fix for stupid.

We talked on the way home about how stupid people can be. We talked about how some kids have two Moms through no fault of their own. I talked about picking your battles and not being embarrassed by who you are or where you came from. As I have said a million times before to them:


Simone is doing great. My kids are doing great. Where they came from and who they call Mom and or Dad is no one’s business and if you think you have the “right” to determine the parents….well as we say in the Army….go pound sand.

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