Birthdays Galore

OK so M1 and my Mom have birthdays near each other. My Mom is 8/6 and M1 is 8/7 so this weekend was a biggy. Mom was 70, my kiddo 16.

DSCN4213M1 fixed

Yeah so M2 is a bit caked out but oh well such as it is. My Mom had a great day and saw so many of her friends. There were happy stories and funny exchanges all day. It was a surprise party and she was surprised. In addition to her friends my brother, my sisters in law and their two of their kids showed up. I had not seen my brother in 6 years so it was good to see him. Long story but basically his wife hates me so she limits how much contact he has with me.

Now M1 was being really sweet and did not fuss about her birthday sort of being down played. She got her presents but not her cake as we were not home. I promised her I would make it and so she got it today. I also gave her her presents from her birth Mom. She opened them and looked angry and disappointed. I tried to play it up but the pain in her face was clear. When my BFF asked how could I have let it happen I showed her how the Mom had told me she was getting her one thing and then bought her another. If I had known she was going to by what she bought I would have cautioned against it. It was VERY juvenile and poor M1 is darn near grown. The card sent was appropriate for a 7 year old and my  heart broke, I mean come on its her sweet 16 there are actually cheap cards that you can get that say that. Sigh… heart broke

But on an up side she LOVED the cake and the presents we gave her. She was thrilled because I got her the leather jacket I saw her looking at months ago when it went on sale because I could see that she really liked it that one day. She was astounded that I remembered and I laughed and assured her that I bought it months ago and not actually remembered for all that long.

Oh well we won part of this game so it will work. I hope that she cheers up soon I do hate when she feels sad.

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