Fuzzy Luvins

It has been tough being home from work for this last month. While some time off is nice the fact that I cannot lift more than 5 pounds without significant pain limits the work I can do. The kids have been golden though, don’t get me wrong not angelic but golden for sure. They are in Tae Kwon Do camp and come home every day exhausted from the day of activity. Yep good in some ways until you tell M2 she HAS to take a shower then the melt down begins. She started again tonight when I remembered what I did to her sister, I pulled out my camera and pretended to video her. She demanded to know what I was going to do with it and I said..hmm either Facebook or my blog not sure. Well that nipped that right in the bud let me tell you.

So I am spending time reading and watching movies and sitting in front of the air conditioner. See the brace I have to wear all day and night is super super hot and I sweat so much it is embarrassing. But regardless I have my fuzzy buddies. My first baby, Nala is a rescue from a hoarding situation. She ONLY sits with me and will occasionally let someone else pet her but NEVER sleep on or near them. She also has an anxiety issue so she requires some ready luvins each day so she does not lick herself bald. But she is a good nursemaid and attends to almost all my daily fuzz requirements.

Nala 2016

Now Nala has a very close furry brother named Sampson. Sampson was surrendered when his owner could no longer take care of him. Sampson however is the kind of cat that will throw himself at you without shame basically forcing you to touch his fur. He is a love bug and will go to anyone who sits down anywhere in the house. If you touch him he is your best friend of the moment, well until someone else touches his fur. He is protective of Nala though and when Mocha (the foolish Labrador) decides to get too close, Sampson will jump down on top of him to scare him away. He will also wrap around Nala when she sleeps on my lap or stomach at night.

Sampson 2016

OK so here he is on me after being pet right to sleep but here is the cuteness overload:


See I wasn’t exaggerating, this is their normal sleep positions. So maybe laughter is the best medicine but so far fuzzy cuteness has carried me a long way these last few weeks.


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