More Issues Surface

I picked up Little Bit today from daycare as Grandfather is having issues with kidney stones and was in a lot of pain. I get to the daycare and the Director stops me, “Hey ANYM Mom is not in rehab she is three blocks down from here. Do you want to pick her up this time and bring her to the hospital?” OMG if only she knew how angry that actual statement made me, focus on breathing you are here for Little Bit.

I bring her home and Grandfather asked if he can talk to me privately. He says CPS and DSS are screwing him over. I have him rehash what they said and parts of it are BS and some is just procedural. He is concerned he is not eligible for food stamps since he works but I encourage him to apply for Temporary Assistance and we go through the paperwork. We review school paperwork and he seems to have it all in order.

I ask if he is good to go for court next Thursday and he says he is. I ask if the Dad can get custody and he said “Oh hell no the only people they are considering are you and me.” OK phew that is good (because I am not applying for custody) at least that won’t be a concern. He then says he needs to show me something and goes into a bedroom and comes out with two pieces of paper. He shows them to me, it is from CPS they are investigating him and his son there was an allegation of child abuse. I was to pissed to say anything but had to worry, did the daycare director do this? Ugg this is not what is needed. I told him only answer the questions, provide no additional information and to request a copy of the allegation and told him how to get it.

He talks to me about his daughter and is so very sad. He was so tired of all of this and cannot understand why she is not choosing her kids over the drugs. The pain on his face was clear. I said to him. “Look I am sorry. I have no idea how hard this is on a father to watch his daughter make these choices. You are doing a good job.” He half smiled at me and said “You know what my biggest fear is?” His voice trailed off, I assured him I too was worried about an overdose. He confided he wakes up 3-4 times a night hoping he did not miss a call from her or god forbid the coroner. What kind of hell is this he lives? I was not even sure what to do so I stood quietly just being there.


I hope like heck all goes well in court next week for him. I hope he does not get convicted of anything and I hope that I can get cleared soon.

5 thoughts on “More Issues Surface

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      1. That is very unfair. Can you hassle the lawyer to find out. You need to be cleared of that nonsense.

  1. Oh no. I’m very worried about this situation. If the kids need to come to you I’m hoping you will be cleared in time! It’s like CPS runs on their own lazy schedule. Maybe it can work in your favor this time. Hurry up, judge!!! I really hope Grandpa is cleared but if not or if it’s a problem, those kids need to be with you instead of bouncing around in the system! Ok, end of rant.

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