Teens and moods…get me off this ride


No I would never do anything but yes I am thinking the above right now. I just spent 41 minutes telling M2 to take a shower. Yep she is at that age and I remember distinctly at the same age M1 did the EXACT SAME THING!!!!! I repeated no less than 60 times in a perfectly calm voice “Go and take a shower” She ranted she raged she screamed she yelled and yes even threatened to call the police. OK I admit that when she said that I had to choke back the laughter. Pretty sure if an officer came he or she would also tell her take a shower. She was after all dirty and smelled like body odor.

She storms off yelling and screaming. I will wash my hair but now my body!!!! I want to scream back but already know that won’t work, see I learned from the first one. She is in for about 5 minutes and yeah not sure if she actually touched the soap but who cares. She yells to me “Can you get me a towel?” In my mind I think sure I have the capacity but I lack the desire. No, no point just get up give it to her and get her to bed. See this is where two helps, you make all the mistakes on the first one so the second one is actually easier to deal with because you know what won’t work.

I walk upstairs to fix her window screen which she claims the cat broke. Now it is possible, Max is a jumper and a hunter and if something was on the screen he might have knocked it out. M2 comes up and is all sweet like nothing happened. Oh no kiddo to bed and DO NOT speak to me. She asks if I am mad and I remind her that after being disrespected for 41 minutes I was entitled to be angry at her. I reminded her I loved her but that I was super angry at her choices of cruel words (You don’t love me. All you care about is you. You don’t love me and my sister you only love your family). She said that she loved me to and I went downstairs.

strong willed

Well on the flip side I can sort of see how my own mother felt. Heaven knows I was and remain extremely strong willed. OK so maybe it is the infamous Mother’s curse you know “I hope you have one just like you” Ugg I know it will be all right eventually. I know at some point the daily struggles will stop, but that day is not today unfortunately.

Breathe, unwind and pet the cat. My mother survived me I can survive M1 and M2. After all I too am headstrong and stubborn.



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