Having Faith and not Fear

I just realized today how much time I spend hoping and thinking I am right. But we all have that one thing we hope to be wrong about…yeah it didn’t work out for me.

So the phone rings at 7:30 on Friday and it is the daycare Little Bit goes to, they found Mom beat up on the sidewalk, literally. They call the ambulance she refuses help. They call the grandfather to be sure the kids are with him. They call me to see if I know the CPS worker.

 Craptastic I send a message to the father saying…hey look no idea what is going on forgive me but something about J being in a ditch and refusing ambulance help. Please know if the kids are threatened to be removed you have e as a resource. I am sorry to intrude and i know it isn’t my business.
 The grandfather texts me back and says Thank you for your concern ANYM and all you have done for our family. I am calling CPS this morning I will keep you posted. Well I hear nothing all day or weekend and though I cannot let it go I am sort of trapped as I don’t want to be too pushy either. Weekend passes now it is Wed and I get another text from the Little’s grandfather “J is off the streets and safe. I am stuck at the VA is there any way you can get Little Bit for me?” Ummm I can’t drive yet so I call my BFF she says heck yes and over she comes. We drive to the daycare and I go in to be greeted by the office assistant.
“OK ANYM it is not our business but Little Bit came in and was talking about how Grandpa picked Mommy off the streets, threw her over his shoulder and yelled at her she needs to get help. Little Bit then said Mom said no she does not want to get help and Grandpa starting swearing at her.”
This is a scene out of a nightmare and given that I know all involved it is possible this is exactly what happened while the kids watched. I feel sick as I go in to get Little Bit. When she sees me she is startled, well all right I am wearing this huge freaking collar but after a moment she realizes it really is me and she come and gives me a hug. I get her to the van and immediately she starts to protest that she has to go home. I text the Grandfather, hey can I keep her for dinner, he says sure.
She refuses to eat dinner protesting the whole time that she has to go home. I bribe her to eat, hey don’t judge we are in a crisis and she eats while lying the whole time against my arm. She clings to my hand as we walk and tries several times to cut me off to make me stop walking. We get to the house and the uncle is on the porch and cursing at the mother, Little Man bolts outside and right into my legs. WTF is all I can think here and I go to ask what is going on. Yep she relapsed and if she does not go now to get help they are done with her.
J sobs as she hugs Little Man and he pushes her away. This is the fourth time she has done this to him. She hugs Little Bit and she pushes her away too, it is the second time she has done it to her. She looks at me and asks if I will help with the kids, yeah sure of course and off she goes with an unknown to me man.
Currently I found the Grandfather has custody. I am concerned for him but not because he is a inept person only that it is a lot. I want to call him but don’t know what to say. I want to help but am not sure what to do. I predicted this three weeks ago, I told my coworker that this was going to happen, why in the heck can’t I be wrong about this.

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      1. If you interested in reading my about me page, it explains what happened before I began my blog. The purpose of my blog is to help addicts at least in a supportive way. On my about me, at the end there’s a link to click called life today. I begin posting in that category tomorrow. I too lost my children but am in recovery and working hard to get them back. And I’m telling my life story in hopes to help others. Maybe you could benefit from or maybe the children’s mother could, hopefully. Tomorrow I have my disposition court hearing for my baby’s. Not trying to get a “follower” only offering the possibility of support. Thats my goal.

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