Starting to Heal

WOW let me tell you the surgery second time around hurts just as much as it did 15 years ago. Great news, healing well, scar tissues and calcifications cleared out and plate in with minimal complications.

Now give me a moment to brag about the kiddos. My Mom took the kids on Tuesday and my surgery was Wed. Our thinking was that it would be way to much for me to handle two kids when I was barely able to talk and might need to go back in the hospital. She lets them text me on Thursday, I tell them I am doing all right and going home they are thrilled and beg to come home. My Mom is a nurse though and said to them they had to wait a bit until I was able to do basic things for myself.She wanted to give me time to learn how to breathe and not aspirate when eating. I needed the time I literally almost choked to death a few times on Thursday and Friday.

Kids come home  on Sat and they are all over me. They BOTH hug me and M2 snuggles up refusing to leave my side. I go anywhere she tails me, yes I love her but space please LOL. We go over what needs to happen and what help I need. I literally need help brushing my hair, carrying anything, help going up and down stairs and sometimes getting of the couch. They nod and agree, I half think ok this won’t last. Let me tell you I WAS WRONG. I WAS VERY VERY WRONG!!!!!

Good as gold, everything I need done they do immediately. Yes they fight and yes they argue like always but if I say “would you please….” one or both jumps up and moves. I am so freaking touched by their compassion and so very proud of them. They are doing so well that my BFF was shocked at their abilities.

So today the kids are in camp having fun and here I sit with my watch kitty. She monitors all my internet activity so I don’t stray. OK truth be told she is done chasing the mouse from all my typing an has fallen asleep.IMG_1466[1]

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