Worried and Getting No Where

We are at the house and M1 is having a blast coloring my hair. Yes I tried that today and we were having a blast. As we were rinsing the color out M2 says “Mommy do you know XXX?” well I did not hear her well so I said not to worry they will leave a message. I lift my head out of the sink and M2 says “Mommy they calling again” I put on my glasses and see it is Little Bit’s daycare, WTF?

“Hey ANYM sorry to bother you but we cannot reach Mom and Little Bit is still here and we closed 15 minutes ago. Can you come get her?”

OK I work 4 minutes walking to her daycare, I live 30 minutes driving from her daycare. I tell her sure but that it will be 30 minutes and she already knows that as the Director lives down the street from me (whoops forgot that piece). I quick toss on a shirt (I was in a cami) and the girls and I head out. I call Mom en-route and it is clear that I woke her up. I try to sound nagging as I say “What happened are you all right?” She says to me “Well I sent you a text asking you to get her. (she pauses) Oh wait I forgot to send it. Can you get her? I just talked to the school and they said they would call you.” I clench my teeth, take a breath and assure her I am already in route.

I get to daycare and the worker looks at me and says “Can we talk?” well of course. She looks right at me and says “ANYM I am concerned. Little Bit is having wetting accidents and now Mom completely forgot her.” I nod I am scared too so I ask “Well what did she say when you talked to her?” The worker said “We never talked to her we don’t have her number, we talked to (grandpa) maybe he called her?”  Whatever she lied….ok ok now its two lies but I need to stop counting.

We go to Little Bit’s grandfather and drop her off. The grandfather is not home but the uncle is. He was not aware that I was not actually scheduled to bring Little Bit home and I just drop it. What is the point? We play with Little Man and Little Bit until their bedtime and then come home. On the drive back M1 said “Mom are your worried about their Mom?” I say that I am. She replied “Well you know what will happen will happen there is really not much you can do.’ I acknowledge she is right and that I feel like that sucks. I just want my name to clear before CPS actually removes them which at this point seems inevitable. We ride in silence for awhile and then she said “Hey Mom, do you want 5 kids?”

Uggg I hope not but worry it might be…..

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