Can I Stay After……


I get an email today from M1, Mom can I stay after for Biology? I laugh out loud to myself and reply “OK last three times you said this it was all lies. Not falling for it again.” She quickly replied “Oh no this time I promise” Ummm yep you said that last time. Then I get an email from the teacher, she can stay I am here. All right then you may stay until 3 then out front to the babysitter. Last email “Yes Mom”

At 3:20 I get a text from the sitter “No M1 yet should I go inside and have her paged?” I say no wait for 5 more minutes in case time with the teacher went long. A half an hour later she appears. Just as I get the text from the sitter she says “Got her” I get an email from the teacher saying “M1 left around 3pm” Wonderful she did it again disappeared for a half an hour. I take a couple deep breaths and remind myself I am too pretty to go to jail.

I pick her up and when she is in the van I ask in my most non-nagging tone “So what did you do after you left the biology room?’ She said “I went outside and did not see the sitter so I went into the building and went to the bathroom and came right back out.” Really this is what the excuse is??? So I say “Well all right but it does not take you 30 minutes to go to the bathroom so where else did you go?” M1 immediately lets loose with a tirade of obscenities and name calling. I hold my tongue (boy that was hard) and say not a word. Eventually she calms down and then pretends to go to sleep.

I get M2 and Little Bit is in the car and we go for ice cream. Now I know darn well M1 is not sleeping but she does not come with and I am in no mood for niceties, fine you are asleep  no ice cream. I get the kids ice cream we get in the van and M1 just stares at me with pure hate in her eyes. I return the look, without the hate, and say “What you were sleeping?” Well she is stymied there because what is she going to do admit she was lying not in a million years. We drop Little Bit off and her Grandfather says “Someone asleep?” I laugh and say “No someone in trouble pretending to be asleep thinking she will get out of having to talk about what happened.” Little Bit’s Grandfather gave me a knowing smile, yep he has done this before with his own kids.

We get home and the glare continues “I was asleep I was not pretending” Oh really then how come you heard what I said. Nope the only thing she gets out of me is “whateves” and I go into the other room and she storms off.

So now Miss Thang is in her room asleep and I am trying to stop being so angry with her non-stop crap. She NEVER does exactly what she says she will do and then gets mad that I don’t give her full credit for half the work. She tells me all the time “I will do X” and then she never only does X she throws in Y and Z and never quite does exactly what she is supposed to then rips my head off when I call her on it. Look its been 10 freaking years you know I don’t allow diversions from what you say except for an emergency so why on earth do you continue to pull this crap?

OK remind myself…too pretty to go to jail……no I don’t believe that the thought actually just makes me laugh. I just get so dang frustrated and that is why I guess she does it. All right new rules obviously, maybe I need to start pinning things up so she can see them. Uggg so very tired of all this nonsense…….

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