When Worrying Doesn’t Help

Nope this is not about the trial at all it is actually about something else….

Two weeks ago Little Man had his 7th birthday and we were invited. Yes you got that correct, we were invited by his family for a small birthday celebration. I bought him some clothes and of course a word search book because he LOVES word searches. We had  a lot of fun playing basketball, eating cake and running around.

At some point I followed the Little’s Mom into the kitchen and said to her “Look J, I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable but do you need summer clothes for the kids? I literally have bins full of girls clothes from size 2-16. I can grab some no problem, no cost if you need it.” She shook her head no and said maybe she  needed clothes for Little Man. I did have some things for him as well but not as much as for a girl.I told her I would take a look and ask some friends who have kids just a bit older if they had some good hand me downs.

We leave the party and the next two weeks are as normal. I pick up Little Bit a few times from daycare as always and go to drop her home. I do not see Mom at any of the drop offs. The uncle or grandfather is there but not Mom. I try not to inquire too much as it seems not my place. I ask Little Bit how Mom is and she says fine. Well a four year old is really not capable of relaying anything she cannot see.

Sunday we go and get M1 a bike. As we drive through a town NOT where the Little’s live I see Mom and she is on a corner talking to someone. There is a tense exchange of words and he takes off as my van gets closer. M1 says to me “Mom is that J?” I say I don’t know but I do know and yes it was. What in the heck was she doing out here? Who was that and why did he run off as we got closer? All right breathe…stop assuming the worst and breathe.

Yesterday I pick up Little Bit and realize she has worn the same shirt for the third time in a row. Now it is clean but it is in fact the same shirt. I know I bought it for her and I have picked her up for the last three days. I look at her pants and realize they are cut offs of pants I also sent home. OK understand I am not mad the pants were cut I was mad she lied to me about needing clothes. I brought Little Bit home and she “shopped” in my clothes bins. She picked out 5 outfits and I pack them in a bag to take home. I also grab a few shirts for Little Man as M2 has a ton of boy shirts she does not wear.

We get to the house and again  Mom is not home. Little Bit announces to her uncle “I gots some clothes from ANYM!!!” The uncle looks at me and says “I really hope they are summer clothes.” I smile and assure him it is all summer clothes, shorts, shirts and a nightgown she found in my bins that she liked. He sat down and looked like he was going to cry, I whisked the kids outside and ask if he is all right. He looks at me and says “You have no idea, Dad and I were literally just talking this morning about how are we going to afford more clothes for Little Bit. We were going to take $50 out of our rent as she doesn’t have anything and Little Man only has what you brought him.”

Holy crud, I swallow the anger she freaking lied. All right maybe she did not but still if the kids needed clothes….aaaaahhhhh…I tell the uncle that whenever the kids need clothes let me know because between my bins and my friends I can come up with some gently used things in no time. He smiled at me and told me he appreciated what I had done. I reminded him I wanted the best for the kids but can’t help when I don’t know.

OMG yes I am assuming the worst. No I have no proof anything is wrong and yet where is the money going? Grandfather and uncle both worked, where was the money? Mom did not work but she supposedly has money from DSS. OK OK I need to calm the freak down and stop imagining the worst. I grab some more clothes for Little Bit and start trolling my friends for hand me downs. Some hits and some misses but overall we have something more for them when I get Little Bit again.

Oh please let things be all right. Please let me be completely wrong with my assumptions. Please holy roller let her be all right or let me be cleared soon in case things are not going as well as they should.

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  1. The kids are all right but the family is struggling. When I pick up Little Bit it is a fight to get her home. I had them over for fun on Saturday and both asked if they could stay longer. Grandfather is good though but looking very tired.

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