You are going down substitute!!!

I am sooo freaking mad right now I am writing to calm down and process this information. M1 told me that she had a substitute English teacher one day this week. This piece of garbage said to a student in the class “Well it is obvious you are not listening. Your parents probably want to give you up for adoption since you never listen.”

Can I tell you how many times I had to re-read the email to the principal to make sure all the curse words were out!!!!!


My daughter, bless her soul, kept her cool but it was clear how hurtful the statement was to her. I asked if she said or did anything and being honest if she had I might not have given consequences. She said she did not but the pain in her face….wow.

Thank goodness for find and replace or I would not have seen all the curse words in the email to the school. I was so mad and devastated for my daughter. No one should ever have to hear that regardless of your adoption status.I want retribution. I want a letter of apology. I want this miserable person to stand in front of those students again and apologize to them all and makes special note of his insensitivity to any adopted individuals. No idiot my daughters were not adopted because they couldn’t listen!!!!!!!

I ended up taking the kids to their favorite hamburger place and made sure I repeated that at NO TIME was ANYONE ever “given up” for adoption. Plans are made by the parent for children’s future care.

OK OK I know breathe me losing my mind will not help.


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  1. Still so many who don’t get it. A friend of my son’s this week, who also happens to be adopted, was told by a classmate – two wrong people don’t make a right one. Ugh.

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