Chicken Soup Thoughts

So last night I was looking through a web site which hires writers. I looked to see who they were advertising for and I saw the Chicken Soup for the Soul was looking for stories. I went to their page and sure enough they have several books coming out and were looking for submissions. I read the requirements and thought…hmmm wonder if I should???

Well I posted to my Facebook page I was thinking about it and the next morning I had over 10 likes. Two of my friends simply said “Yes!” and one noted that as a non stop writer it would be good of me to share some stories of hope from where I come from. Cool I was thinking to myself and then came the email this afternoon.

I got an email that said “T** mentioned you on Facebook” OK T** was one of my soldiers, no he did not go to war with me but he was there before I left and had moved on before I came home. He was a good writer himself and had an uncanny sense of humor which kept us amused during many tense situations. I click on the email and I see that he has written:

“ANYM you *are* Chicken Soup for the Soul”

At first I was like..hmm is he being sarcastic or sincere. We never had any intimate conversations about me or him because it was not allowed based on our ranks and positions. I mean I was his Commander he was a company member. We had a whole chain of command between us, he at the bottom and yes me at the top. I read it again and thought “Oh crap he is serious, well this is different” so I wrote back to him:

Thank you T** you are very sweet to say that.

He replied immediately: I just know your character. You are a saint. Thank you for being so wonderful.

I was overwhelmed to say the least at the realization that my troops really had cared about me. I had assumed all the good vibes were because, well I was in charge and they feared my notorious temper when pushed too far. It did not dawn on me until right now that some people actually liked me because I was me. Now of course I am not a saint I have many downfalls but I did work my butt off to protect and care for my soldiers as I took my role as their leader very seriously.

So lesson learned, you can influence people in both word and actions. Never underestimate the impact you are making even in the most unlikely situations because truth be told you never actually know how many you are affecting.



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