Finally First Communion


Well today is the day I have waited for for three years. Yes three years, M2 finally made her First Communion. For those that don’t know in our other church M2 was not allowed to make her First Communion because she “wasn’t able to comprehend” what the sacrament was about. OK my kiddo is developmentally delayed HOWEVER I am pretty sure the good book says “let ALL the little children come to me” It does not say some of the kids, or just the normal kids or just the girls with long hair. It says ALL. Well apparently the old rector did not think M2 was part of the ALL and for two years denied her the right to the sacrament. Yes I wrote to the Bishop, yes he got in trouble, no it did not matter he would not budge. So we moved.

Today she donned her “princess dress” and walked to the alter with me.Communion

I wanted to cry the whole time all the years of waiting were finally over. M2 was over the moon and had a blast celebrating with her Gramma and Pop Pop. We enjoyed dinner at our favorite restaurant with my BFF and her boyfriend too.

It was a beautiful day and yes as a biased Mom my girl looked beautiful too. So yes today I will rejoice as finally my kid today can embrace a tradition of our church even though she is “not like the other kids.”

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  1. yay for M2. She looks beautiful in her princess dress. I’m so glad you are now in a church that embraces your daughter and your family. That’s they way it should be. 🙂

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