Needed-1 fluent drama speaker

I have decided I must need to talk to a linguist because apparently despite the fact I can speak 2 languages, 3 if you count American Sign Language my darling teen cannot understand me. Apparently where things fall apart is that I am not fluent in drama. Now in my defense I have had a serious head injury so I even contacted MY mom and said “Was I like this? Was I dramatic?” OK MY mom laughed out loud and said “Nope that was your sister” Hey I had to check, some of my memory for real is erased.

OK so given there is no drama dictionary I struggle. Did I mention that drama physically revolts me. It makes me visibly cringe and yet M1 lives for drama. She creates it when it is not there and jumps in when it is present. The on going battle that the poor social worker at high school has to deal with regularly and is the primary basis for our regular contact. Enter the last two days and please understand I am pretty much venting here so that I don’t break my own teeth from clenching them soooo hard.

A bit back..last week M1 was punched in the face by another student as she got off the bus. When I asked what happened she said “Oh his girlfriend told him to do it so he did” When I pointed out that no girl controls a guy and that he must have some reason for wanting to punch her himself, she denied it all up and down. Now please understand I am NOT happy she was assaulted not at all BUT I was born at night, not last night and my darling is not innocent by any means. Again she should not have been punched but…. A few days later I talk to her about the friends she keeps. I remind her that if she hangs out with people who use violence to solve problems it is only a matter of time before she is a victim and that it would probably  happen again. Yeah must have been I lapsed into French for that conversation as nothing would stick.

Last night at some time point she talks to me about a situation at school. She claims her friend is being cheated on by another one of her friends so how should she tell her this because she has to let her know. I question why, if everyone knows why would SHE have to be the one to tell. Her answer “I found out first”. I talk to her and say look a good friend does NOT fly into a friend and say hey your boyfriend is cheating on you. Oh and there is no prize for telling her first. A good friend is supportive and takes her side does NOT try to make her mad or upset her on purpose. Again apparently I lapsed into French.

The phone rings at 10am and it is the principal. Well we all know this is not good. Apparently yesterday when her friend left the computer to see his counselor, M1 started reading his emails and that is how she found out he was cheating. She then printed all the messages and started handing them out to people in her circle. She then incited the two boys into a fight which resulted in their suspension from school. The girl who was being cheated on found out M1 started this hunted her down and punched her several times before teachers intervened.

When confronted with her part in this fiasco, she claimed she had no part. Here is the ironic part…yesterday she went into the counselor and said that she hoped the kid would get beat up and that she hoped this kid would beat him up. She then met with our in home providers and told them the same thing. When they confronted her she admitted she hoped she could get them to fight and was going to try.

Sound like a Jerry Springer episode doesn’t it, well welcome to my life. So based on this the principal decided to give her a detention as well even though she got hit. I agree my child played a role, I agree she needs consequences. So I go to pick M1 up and ask about the detention and she is completely indignant. She cannot understand why she is being punished, why are they being soo mean to her. When I pointed out that she in fact started the fight and she is the one that caused this she denied it all. When confronted by the fact that three different people told me the same story about her and her role she continued to deny she is wrong, everyone but her got what they deserved.

Dear holy high roller give me patience because if you give me strength I will need bail money.  So I have to talk to her about it a little more but I did not do it tonight for a variety of reasons, she feels she is right and I am too tired and well I get verbally ugly when I am angry. Breathe, breathe and look on the internet for a vaccine against the drama. Well so far no luck with the vaccine but the breathing is working and I am at less than wanting to strangle so all is well.

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