Budding Vegetarians

OK so before I had the kids I did not eat meat. No it was not a religious thing or cruelty to animal thing it was a I don’t like the taste of meat ever thing. No matter how it was cooked I did not like it but choked it down in public. So the girls come into my life and now of course we have meat. The kids need protein and meat is an easy way to get it to happen. Nope didn’t like it, not one bit but whatever kids need protein and so sacrifices were made for the last 10 years.


Well last night I made Dijon mustard breaded pork chops. Did I mention I am a good cook LOL. My BFF and I are sitting together and she comments on the fact I have a piece of meat and that I am literally choking it down. I smiled at her, I mean she knows I hate this but yeah the kids. So M1 looks at my BFF and says “What do you mean you  mean Mom makes a sacrifice for us?” My BFF looks at me confused and then says to M1 “Honey your Mom HATES all meat. She only eats it because you guys are here.” M1 looked at me and said “Really you don’t like the stuff you cook because it is really good?” I remind her that many times in the past I have voiced that I can’t stand the taste of meat and then she nods as she did remember. So then M1 asks the question which would turn the night around. “Well Mom what is pork anyway?”

Now I know dang well I have answered this question before but again I reply “pork chops are pig meat” M1 drops her fork and says “What I am eating a cute little piggy?” My BFF nodded her head and then went on to tell her what hot dogs, sausage, hamburger and bologna are all made of. The color drained out of M1’s face and she literally stopped eating. She stared at me for awhile and I said to her “Hon I am sure I went over this with you before. I am sure you already know this.” She looked right at me and said “Yeah I knew but now I know and Mom I can’t do this. I can’t eat meat.”

I get up and leave because I hate drama and whatever it is what it is. I clean up the kitchen and I hear my BFF talking to M1 but not clear about what. I walk back out and she stares at me so I looked at her and asked what was up. She looked at me in earnest and said “Do I have to keep eating meat?” I tell her to think about what she is saying and point out if you don’t eat meat then you must increase bean intake to make up for protein. My BFF is a nurse so she started breaking it down a bit more so that M1 would answer. I leave again and finish clean up.

Suddenly, I hear laughter and so I come out and ask “What’s up?” My BFF is laughing so hard she has tears in her eyes and M1 looks stymied. Between gasps my BFF says to me “M1 thinks that you are going to force her to eat meat because she is supposed to.” I laugh and say “Look kiddo here is the deal, you can be a vegetarian and I am perfectly fine never cooking meat again, however you will have to eat more things that you don’t usually eat to ensure you remain healthy. If you cannot or will not eat these things then you will have to go back to eating meat for health reasons.” Well to my surprise M1 agreed.

Can I tell you how happy I was to go shopping today? OMG such a relief to not have to get meat and instead buy all the things I enjoyed before the kids. While we shopped both kids sort of started at me as I picked out things they had never seen me get before like Greek yogurt, chia seeds and quinoa. We get home and of course I whip up a batch of Italian egg drop soup which I love. M1 helped me prepare it and then tried it. She looked at me and said “Wow Mom that is really good and it is good for you?” I pointed out the chick peas and veggies present make a healthy  mix of what we need.

No I am sure it will not last, my kiddo likes McDonalds a bit too much but hey for now I will take it.

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  1. Love this. I actually love meat, but my body doesn’t. I only ate it once o twice a weekend before Hope came along. Now, like you, meat is pervasive in our home. Until last fall; I came home and Hope had been watching PETA videos. She announced that she wanted to be a vegan, then dialed it back to a vegetarian. I dropped a lot meat in the house, even though Hope only lasted for about two weeks. We eat a LOT less meat and I found that a secondary benefit is Hope being a lot more low key. Hard to explain, but the absence of meat seemed to take the edge off for her-I don’t even know if she’s noticed.
    Good luck in eating more veggie options from a fellow flexitarian! 🙂

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