Walking in the woods


While I feel badly for my friends down south we in fact do not have a ton of snow so we went to take a walk in the woods. Well technically we went to a local park to take the walk but still it was a lot of fun.

We took the shorter trail because Little Bit was with us and was not happy to have to walk and not be carried. Little Man had a blast and kept running everywhere. He would fall down a lot but apparently I had enough clothing padding to keep it from hurting. Little Bit however sat down several times and whined about a long walk but encouragement got her going again. M1 and M2 just laughed and plodded along taking time to skate on ice patches.

The above photo was taken near a bridge and a small hill which was completely iced over. All the kids had a blast running and sliding down the hill laughing and trying to not slide as they climbed up again. So much slipping and laughter it was awesome and for a moment none of the drama of my life mattered, it was just me having fun with the kids.

We went home to hot cocoa and mac and cheese before bringing the Littles to their grandfather. They both fell asleep in the van on the way there so I guess I was successful. My two had a blast seeing the kids and even went to bed early so a win for me too.

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