Going through the storm


OK I admit it I got a little self absorbed in my own drama. Now this does not mean I don’t have to address it or live through it but I forgot pieces of the bigger world that was oddly enough still spinning.

As I mentioned before the old agency I was a mentor for called me and hooked me up with a parent. Well a week or so passes and the agency sends me another email

“You are not going to believe this there is someone else with a child with RAD. Can you help? I know you have some stuff going on so you can say no if you want.”

Again the voice in my head screamed at me “Don’t leave them alone. Don’t do it you know how it feels!!” I offered a quick prayer to the holy high roller for strength enough for another family. I got the information and after a few hiccups, we connected.

She was guarded too and I get it life in hell is something you don’t want to share with someone you barely know. I made some small talk and asked what sort of information she was looking for on RAD. Well it was like that was like that was the magic phrase. We talked and talked then suddenly the line went dead. I was confused but called back as sometimes my line goes dead as I live in the country, no answer. I hang up a bit confused, when suddenly the phone rings again and I answer.

“So sorry my battery went dead. Where were we and at some point would you be willing to talk to my husband?”

OK we had a laugh gotta love technology and yes of course I will talk to her husband. We talk a bit more and then she had to go. We promised to talk again soon and hung up after I left her my home number and email.

I sat down on the couch and wrote back to the agency to let them know we connected. All right I understand life is hard but at least I am stages ahead of these two families who are only beginning to struggle with the monster the RAD can be. Focus on the good moments pray for grace when the kid is raging. Take care of yourselves and make sure you and your partner take breaks together, you are  couple after all.

Perspective, its all perspective. Yes I am going through a crap load of stuff but I have people in my corner so I need to be sure that  as long as I can I am in someone else’s corner.

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