Hilarious Complete Freak Moment

OK so yesterday we went to Subway for dinner because after PT there was no way  I could use my arm to cook. When we pull into the parking lot M1 says to me  “Hey Mom what is that over there?” as she pointed. I get out of the van and say “Hmm looks like a dead animal” In unison M1 and M2 said “Can we go look at it?”

No please don’t ask me about their fascination with road kill. I cannot explain it but I say sure after all the parking lot is basically empty and it was still fairly light out. Off they go. A few moments later I yell “Come on girls, you’ve seen it lets get dinner” M1 yells back to me and says “Mom its an animal” OK whatever I don’t care about road kill. I turn to walk and realize half way to the door no children have appeared. I turn back and see M2 bending down over the road kill and picking it up with a pincer grip.

All right I had a world class melt down moment and yelled:

“OMG what are you doing? Put that down what the heck are you thinking? OMG seriously leave it in the driveway!!!! M2 we don’t touch dead animals!!!!!”

They walk closer and I see that M2 is holding a very dirty and trampled stuffed animal. The girls are laughing hysterically as of course my melt down is now foolish. M1 looks at me and says “Really Mom you thought we would pick up a dead animal?” I laughed out loud and said “Well in my defense you did tell me it was an animal and never clarified stuffed” They both laughed hard and we went to dinner.

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