A Moment of Humor

As you can imagine things are tense in the house between M1 and myself. To her credit she has made several attempts to be different but nothing seems stick for long. However I am not about big scale change I am about baby steps and she is making baby steps.

So we are sitting on the couch and she says to me “Would you ever put yourself on Match.com or e-Harmony?” I laughed and said “Umm no I have no desire to do anything like that” She looked at me perplexed and said “Well don’t you want to find your soulmate?” Now she is a teen and being part of a couple is a major issue in her life. The whole concept of  choosing to be single is so remote for her I might as well speak Latin.

Again for what seems to be the millionth time I say to her “Sweetie look we have to agree that we don’t understand each other when it comes to this. You can’t imagine being single and I can’t imagine being coupled” Bless her she is as stubborn as I am and she says “But you could find the man of your dreams and get help around the house” So I look at her and say “All right you make a good point, help around the house could be a benefit. So you are all right with me dating then?”

OMG the look on her face!!!!!!!!! She sat straight up and said “WHAT no are you kidding me?” I said “Well if I put myself on these sites I will have to date, I mean how did you think it happens?” I kid you not her EXACT words “No that is a stupid idea you can’t date that would be messed up!!”

Now I suppose I don’t understand teen well enough to understand how exactly you meet your soulmate and not date but I suppose it is something like they show on Disney with the whole bippity boppity boop thing. But no I will not be meeting my soul mate online and no I will not be dating but not because my teen is appalled but rather because it is truly nothing I am interested in doing.

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