Week 8 and No Answers

Well it has been 8 weeks since CPS showed up at my door. According to their regulations they are suppose to have given me a resolution by Sunday at the latest. Since I have no faith in the system and this not being my first rodeo I decided to call and find out what was going on.

I called last week and was told that the findings would be submitted by the end of the week. I called on Tuesday they returned my call on Wednesday. She has not submitted the report but will this week and then the Supervisor has two weeks to look at it.  I reminded her that the regulations stated within 60 days and she quite flippantly said “Well sometimes investigations take more than 60 days there is nothing I can do about it.” I hung up more numb then not.

Clearly she did not read my blog or she would have known that I was already on the edge. I lost it and decided right then and there I was taking it up to the next level. I talked to a friend and said “am I nuts I want to talk to a Supervisor?” She assured me that if the regs stated it they were bound to follow it. I contact the Supervisor she is out till next Monday. I went to the Director of CPS and this is what the letter said:

My name is ANYM and I am currently being investigated by your unit. I am writing to you because I have a concern about the investigation process and time line. I have attempted to contact JR and she is out of the office until 10/19/15 per her out of office reply. 

When CPS showed up at my house on 8/19/15 I stood accused of inadequate guardianship. I did everything CS directed me to do and did it in a timely manner.  I signed all releases and allowed her complete access to my children and their respective clinicians.

CS came out to my house last week to talk one more time with my daughter. I called her on Tuesday 10/6/15 to find out what the process was from here. I was advised she still wanted to talk to Probation and to the former foster kids birth Mother but that she would “likely submit the report sometime this week” When I asked the process from there she stated that a supervisor would have two weeks to look at it and make a determination at which time she would tell DP (yes I am a foster parent) the outcome so appropriate measures could be taken.

Two weeks puts us outside the 60 day window which the regulation states is the time frame for responding to a received report by the agency. Sixty days since the date of the report is 10/18/15. I called CS yesterday and left a message trying to get an update to determine if I will have an answer by Friday 10/16/15. She called me back today to say she is finishing up her notes and that her Supervisor is out all week so she can get it to her on Monday. She said she has no control over when the Supervisor reviews the notes but has two weeks. When I stated that this was over the 60 days she said she could not control it and that some investigations go over 60 days.

I have read the Child Protective Services Manual and see that on page 64, paragraph SSL 424(7) it states: For each report received, the local CPS assigned investigative responsibility must determine within 60 days of the receipt of the report whether the report is indicated or unfounded.

The reason I am talking to you is because of the insurmountable losses this investigation has caused me and how dragging this out is continuously impacting me not only personally but also as foster parent for the county. When DP found out I was under investigation she suspended my foster care license, cancelled my MAPP/GPS training contract, forbid me to provide respite to the kids I was formerly fostering and suspended my adoption process of a third child. 

Emotionally this investigation has completely destroyed me and financially it has cost personally well over $1000.00 because of additional income lost (from teaching) and expenses incurred trying to maintain contact with the child who we are trying to adopt (we travel every week to ******). Dragging this out continues to destroy me and negatively impacts the bonding of me with the child I wish to adopt.

DP and the other workers involved are willing to work with me dependent on the outcome of the investigation. I am requesting that the review and determination be made sooner rather than later based on the fact that as of this point no services have been recommended to me, no requirements have been placed on me and no referrals have been given to me.

Thank you

I have so rarely stood up for myself its a miracle that my kids have learned to do it. I was so upset, nervous and angry. I was really angry, I cared less about the outcome and was mad that this was dragging out. Nothing was being done to help me and if I was guilty then why not suggest services, why not resolve it now. No one is talking to me, no one is making suggestions the only thing happening is that my whole world has crumbled down around me.

Yep I probably screwed myself over by  doing this but I had to do something I mean the system is broken and I am sick and tired of being the victim. Well I did not hear yesterday and assumed it fell on deaf ears. Then oddly enough today late in the day (4pm) I get an email response from the CPS Director:

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  You will be hearing from us shortly regarding the outcome of your case.

I want this over. I talked to my counselor and we have a back up plan if it is indicated.  I just need a conclusion to the hell that my life has been for the last two months. The down side, aside from an indicated possibility, is that the damage has been done. I can’t be unhurt from all of this but I can stop being hurt from it.  I am scared and yet I can’t keep waiting for an outcome. I am not sure I can deal with an indicated report but at least it will be over and I will know what to do from here.

I don’t know how to feel or think. I feel at times I went to far but then I think it was all right. I need a crystal ball, did I just shoot myself in the foot? I guess I will find out tomorrow…or maybe Monday….who knows.

7 thoughts on “Week 8 and No Answers

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  1. I will be thibking about you and praying for you today. I’m hoping you here back today, but that isn’t how the department works. They do whatever is convenient for them. Meanwhile, childhood waits for no one. Your little girl is waiting for permanency. I’m sorry for you and your family!

  2. hoping and praying for a good answer for you, and soon. I have been reading your blog and am so sorry you are going through this.

  3. Thanks guys no word today but she is just now contacting the babysitter who’s number I gave her three weeks ago. I am so broken hearted by this whole process that I am not sure how much more I can handle. I know stay strong for the kids but wow the devastation.

  4. Updates? What happened? Did they ever close this case? I have been praying for all of you. I hope that you and your family are well. I miss finding your blog in my reader. Come back!

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