First Sleepover

Friday night was the big night, N came for a sleep over. We have worked out the schedule so we will have her every weekend for two nights except for a week in September when we will have her for a week. I was nervous and excited so was N. We had dinner, dropped the Littles off with Mom and together we were for the night.

We watched The Princess Bride and N sat glued to my arm. She got up briefly and asked the time I asked her why and she said “I always get snack at 7” Yeah forgot the whole institution thing. I told her get a piece of fruit and she looked at me oddly. I said “If you are hungry then get some fruit” She looked at me confused so I said “Go to the refrigerator and pick a piece of fruit, we have apples, oranges, bananas and grapes. You pick what you want.” She stood motionless so M2 said “N I getting an apple what you want?” She replied “apple” and as she walked to the fridge said to M2 “You mean you can get your own food?” and M2 laughed and said “Nope only fruit and veggies” WTF oh right she has not lived in a house for more than 3 months….sigh…

We put her to bed and I tucked her in and M2 in. She came up a few minutes later saying she could not sleep the bed was too hard. I gently reassured her and put her back to bed. Several minutes later she was out. Phew thank goodness. Next morning a few movies while I worked and then I hopped in the shower while M1 made lunch. Suddenly I hear raised voices, I hop out wrap up in a towel as I hear N threaten M2. Umm no not going to happen on my watch. There was yelling and me breaking up a fight yep knew this would happen but did not know it would be this soon. I send M2 to the porch, M1 to the kitchen and N to the couch. I need to breath a second then I approach N on the couch.

Long story short, tons of tears and N insisting she was a bad kid. She reiterated her Dad left on her birthday and never was seen again because she was a bad kid. She caused her late foster family to give up on her because she was a bad kid. She ran off because she was a bad kid. I gathered her up in my arms and just said ‘No honey I am so sorry but no you are not a bad kid” Her tears soaked my shirt as I kept repeating it over and over. Finally the tears ceased and I stroked her hair. I explained I would yell sometimes but no she was never a bad kid, make bad choices yes but no not a bad kid. She hugged me tight and we sat for a minute.  My heart broke for her truly broke.

We ate lunch and went to a ton of tag and estate sales. We all had fun doing stupid things and of course finding treasures. Funniest part was that we actually ended up at Little Man’s teachers house quite unexpectedly. Oh my it was funny when she saw us all the sudden as we walk up the driveway I hear “OMG are you kidding ANYM is that you???” I looked up startled as we were clearly NOT in a neighborhood I was familiar with so I was just as surprised.

We grab subs and go home to wait for staff. N hugged me a bunch of times and kissed me on the cheek. I hugged her back and kissed her head. She announced 5 days till she was back and I agreed. Yep looking forward to the next time wonder what challenges will arise then LOL.


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