The Continuing Little’s Saga

Well today we had an emergency meeting about the Little’s. Mom and Dad were invited and Dad did not show up. Case worker and Supervisor blew gaskets the are suppose to go home next week!!!!

All right deep breath everybody off the ledge. We talked to Mom and she has no child care plan for the kids. Now when I say none I mean like not a single idea in the world, not a concrete plan nothing at all. She has had 6 weeks to come up with it and yet today we sat there and listened to her say she had nothing. She has not called school to enroll Little Man, she has not called day care to see who has openings, she has talked to no one in her family like she said she would she has done NOTHING. I saw veins in both the Supervisor’s and the Case Worker’s head pop out.

Oh did I mention Dad did NOT show up? Yeah Dad has lied for 6 weeks about having a job. He is actually kicked out of his program, homeless and in trouble because his pill count was off not by one or two but by six or seven. Mom’s plan for child care was for Dad to take them, well no that is not going to be sanctioned. Where was Dad…no one knows, no one knows at all.

Did I mention they were suppose to go home next week? Well now it is not going to happen. Now they say next month and I dang near pitch a fit…school starts next month. There is NO WAY transitioning him home AND to a new school is going to go well. There is NO WAY at all but no one hears me. Mom even admits that Little Man does not listen for beans. I tell her he will pitch a fit and ask what she will do…again no answers.

The Supervisor gives her one more week to put a plan together. I say nothing what is the point no one is listening. I go back to work defeated, I know this is not going to work because she is not going to do much and there is NO CONSEQUENCE for her failing to plan. Ugggg so frustrated. Then an email pops up from the Case Worker

“She is not going to do it is she? Next we are not going to be any further ahead are we?”

No we aren’t and then what are you going to do? The Supervisor did however acknowledge that I had “other plans I was working on” that would be taken into consideration. I reminded them Day Care will not wait forever and yet a week we have to sit.

I am so frustrated. I want her to succeed but this is ridiculous.

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