Meeting N in person

Well it happened, yesterday we went to the zoo to meet N the child we would potentially adopt. OMG it was surreal. She was nervous, we were nervous and her staff looked awkward.

Where we actually met.
Where we actually met.

She was all dressed up and my heart hurt as I thought, how sad she thinks she has to impress me. She looked pretty no doubt but still, I like you for you. We talked about a ton of things we laughed a lot and I got to know her better. She liked when I took her picture and asked several times to use my camera. I was a bit surprised as she initially told me no photos. Oh well I am happy I got some.

She got along well with the girls as was silly and fun with us. She was excited to start Tae Kwon Do but terrified about flying to Disney. She wants to get her ears pierced, take horse riding lessons and know what day she comes to see my house. It was so amazing talking to her and yet when she mentioned the pain at not seeing her birth family I felt bad. They don’t want to visit with her. They took her brother out of care and not her. I cannot even imagine.

Near the end of the visit she plopped herself between M1 and me. She took her arm and linked it around my arm and put her head down on my shoulder. I was totally thrown off so many alarm bells went off in my head. Did she think she had to suck up to me? Was she like this with everyone? She did hug M1 and M2 at the end of the visit so maybe she is just a huggy kid but still is this normal? Remember my only frame of reference is a RAD teen and there no hugs ever.

I don’t know I am so confused. I think all went well but now I wait to hear back from the team and what N said happened and if she was excited. I wait to hear if she is just a kid who hugs or if this was different. I wait and hope.  Gosh what a roller coaster this is!!

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  1. I’m so saddened to hear that her birth family took her brother out of care and not her – as you say, i cannot even imagine. yet, I felt so hopeful for her as she begins to interact with you and M1 and M2. I hope for everyone involved that things continue to move forward and all goes well. Sending you love as I can only imagine how hard this is on you.

  2. How exciting! I understand your concerns–maybe she’s just huggy or could she have boundary issues? I do hope that you’ll have a good report and that things continue to evolve. So happy that you had a promising visit!

  3. The worker said she is a huggy child so that made me feel a bit more comfortable. She also validated my concern about being too friendly and said sometimes she really does attach quickly to people.

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