All RADed out

OK so yesterday M1 decided to steal money from me yet again. She did it when I went to walk the dog. It was not a lot this time, $3 but at this point it is the upteenth million time she has stolen, she again went INTO my stuff and stole from me, she made sure I was not in the house when it happened.

I am angry, angry, pizzed off, frustrated, angry, violated, angry and did I mention insanely angry this continues to happen. A few weeks ago she attacked me now she does it again emotionally and for what $3. Please don’t judge she has been stealing from me since she was 5 and she is 14 now so for years I have put up with this. Sometimes it was $20s sometimes change it doesn’t matter the amount if I don’t lock it up she will steal it. Yesterday it was not locked up or  0n me  because I had put it down to walk the dog. OK put it down inside an inside pocket of a Tae Kwon Do bag. Yes she roots through all my stuff and steals from me regularly, at least monthly to be honest. So yes I am angry.

I am fit to be tied and at a loss. I feel like PINS is the only option because for 10 years now nothing I do stops this crap. When I confronted her she immediately lied but I was good I kept my crap together the conversation went like this:

“What did you spend my money on?”

“I didn’t spend your money I don’t know what you are talking about”

“I am talking about the $3 you took from the inside pocket of my TKD bag when I was out walking the dog. Little Bit was with me, Little Man and M2 were in their rooms so that leaves you. You therefore took the money. I am asking simply, now that you have had your chance to lie, what you did with my money.”

“I didn’t buy anything with it I am telling you the truth”

“OK fine then what did you do with my money that you stole?”

“I gave it to my friend who I owed money to”

Is she sorry she did it no, sorry she got caught yes. No remorse no regret no plans on paying me back. I did not lecture I reminded her that as a result she will now probably not get her birthday gift because I just don’t want to at this point. She wants something that is work for me and nope don’t feel like doing it unless I see some money or free chores soon. I reminded her that no trust no prom, no outings without parental (translation MY) supervision.

It is not effective and I don’t know what to do. I feel like PINS is the only option at this point, letting others see really how crappy she treats me regularly so other people can address it who are not my friends. Yet I hate the thought of doing all this crap because again more work for me. I am lost none of my friends ever struggled with this I have no idea.

Yet I must do something this has to stop I so far past done I cannot even express it. I have to make the call I just don’t know what else to do.

4 thoughts on “All RADed out

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  1. Sounds so hard. You’ve dealt with this for so long; it’s understandable for you to be hurt and frustrated. Do what you need to do. Hang in there; your are doing great.

  2. Hang in there. It’s such a difficult issue to deal with.
    Does she help with chores for pocket money?
    Have you told her it needs to be repaid through chores?

  3. Stop giving her the easy way out… this is a pattern of behavior, get the other adults in her life involved. I HAVE been there before and that behavior didn’t change until it became clear that we were willing to do things differently than before.

    You did great for confronting her, you did great for not losing your cool. You will do great as you traverse the waters at what will work.

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