The Winding Road

So the whole thing with C did not work and I was bummed for a bit. I looked through the NY kids and one kept appearing no matter how I sorted it. I read her profile and nothing jumped out. It seemed quaint but I knew there was more to the details so I called on a whim.  It took almost a week before I heard something.

Today I talked to her Wendy’s Wonderful Kids worker. She asked me seriously up to 10 questions on birth parents and kids identity. She talked to me like I had no clue what type of kids are in care and I was offended almost because she had my home study, surely it showed I was an EXPERIENCED foster parent but maybe not. I was polite after all she doesn’t really know me and you catch more bees with honey. I must have done all right because she said “Well when would want to start visits?” All right I admit my heart skipped a beat there I envisioned this happening A LOT more slowly.

She told me next I was to talk to the therapist because she knew N much better and could better answer questions I might have. I sent her an email about case notes because I know my home finder will need them. I asked her the process from here and then I sat waited half frightened out of my mind. When I got home the therapist had called me I have a phone appointment tomorrow at  8:30am. Was it me or did this happen really fast?

My mind raced at the possibility of seeing this kid like next month and suddenly I got spooked. I don’t know much about her though and maybe tomorrow I will but wow it seemed fast. I know there must be a committee and I know visits before placement if all goes well but WOW things are going fast. My friend asked if this was normal and I laughed and said I had no idea I have never done this before and she laughed.

So we sit and see. What a strange ride it is.

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