Daring to Hope???

Ok so the old homefinder was replaced and the new ones stepped in. Both of them teach the MAPP/GPS class with me and one of them is my case worker so sometimes things are awkward.

Well my caseworker called me and told me good news, looks like Mom got an apartment so things could finally move. The tentative plan is to start overnights immediately  and reunify after school ends. We need a firm word on when she moves in for this plan to start. I found out two days ago and no date yet. Sigh progress is slow..

This whole time though C is on my mind. I can’t shake the feeling like I have to try again. She seemed like a good match and yet what if the Little’s parents fail…could I really handle 5 kids even though C is technically an adult. I did not know but I did know that the old homefinder was DEAD against it and promised retribution if I tried. But was it the supervisor’s feeling too or was it just the homefinder? I mean if it was just her than maybe I should ask again…maybe….

So I took a deep breath and approached the caseworker. I tell him I was matched but that his predecessor was hesitant because the Little’s might not go home. I stated that C was 18 and that it was an ICPC so it would take long but could we do it? Could we proceed even with the chance that the Little’s might return. I was after all approved for 3.

He said he would ask and so I wait. I want to hope but I hate so much to hurt. They have let me down before but was it they or was it one I was not sure. I want it to work but what if it is not God’s plan. I check the websites and see she is still listed. I want to hope and know I can go to another  agency once the Little’s go home but still….

I am so torn and want answers yesterday but the soonest will be Monday and only the guy upstairs know if it will be positive. It could be awesome or a complete train wreck.

Why is this so hard?

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