Role Models

So M1 had a project due that she was postponing and blaming on my not letting her use the computer. She was supposed to pick a role model and do a report on them. After violating all house rules she got to spend quality time with me at work and I told her to work on that project and other school work. I asked who she picked and she said Eminem. I clarified “Angry little white man who wrote raps about abusing his former wife, has a long history of drug use and trashed his mother publicly in a song? He is your role model?” She said yes and I said “OK I don’t know of any of any of his good works so please educate me. I really have never heard the positives so what are they?” She looked at me and said “He adopted two girls” Now I had heard something about him raising non children so we did some research and I showed it to her on line. Most of it was negative but low and behold yes he did raise two non children as his own (guardian not adoption).

I said “OK great we found it and I will give him credit for that. What else did he do?” M1 looked at me blankly so I waited. The silence remained and I realized that was it. I was confused and said “OK so he is a good role model because he took care of two children who are not his and he……” Again I am met with silence. Well that was it the whole reason she thought he was a good role model. I was floored I mean really?? You think this is someone who is a good role model because he has some music you like? I asked her what makes a good role model and then pointed out how by her own definition Eminem, while he did do a good thing by raising those girls, was by far not a good role model.

Well I anticipated I stumped her so then I did another search. I wanted someone she knew who did good things but where to find that exactly I was not sure. I Google searched “role models for girls” and then found a couple of options…phew….The first up was Jennifer Lawrence and M1 jumped immediately “I want her she played Katness” We download the information and parts of her biography and M1 read ferociously  all the accomplishments this young woman had and what she endeavors to do outside her acting. M1 was clearly impressed. So I asked “Is Jennifer Lawrence a good role model?” and M1 immediately agreed.

We then talked about how we can like people BUT that it doesn’t make them a good role model. We talked about not all role models being famous too and I had her come up with some in her own life who were good role models but not famous. She immediately laughed and said “You and Mrs E. (global studies teacher who fosters dogs).” I laughed and agreed that Mrs E was a good person sometimes what she learned from me was what not to do. She laughed too and said “Yeah but you show me a bunch of good things too” so I thanked her and she started her report.

I went back to work and shook my head thinking…”Really angry little white rapper is your role model?” Oh well I was enamored with music legends of my time I will have to let this one go.

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  1. 🙂 Role model material? Ok, maybe not, but he has cleaned up his act as he’s gotten older. “The turn your life around” saga is real and worthy of note in its own right, but yeah, I would be side-eyeing Hope is she said he was her role model and I’m a long time Eminem fan.

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