Measuring Progress

Yesterday I brought M1 and M2 for their yearly physicals. The same NP has seen them for the last 8 years and she was reminiscing about where the girls were compared to where they are now. I get caught up in the day to day and sometimes forget that progress has been made and it helps to have someone remind me sometimes.

The NP looks at M1 and asks how school was and she gave her usual teen response. Nothing of nothing too hard and admitted she was lazy which is why she is failing nineth grade currently. The NP looked at her and said “What a waste of brains and talent you should do something about the whole failing thing don’t ya think?” M1 agreed but please I don’t hold my breath for that one whatever happens happens I am not going to take charge to make her pass. The NP looks at me and says “When she came to you didn’t she have a one on one and now she is down to just a resource room?” Suddenly it hit me…crud yes she did. M1 use to be a predator and required supervision for the safety of the other kids, now a days she is usual in her interactions. The NP smiled at me and said “Well you must be doing something right then.

She then started to M1 about being sexually active as this was a problem for let just say her ENTIRE life. M1 was good about answering but was obviously not comfortable. The NP said “Do you want me to have Mom leave so we can talk?” M1 practically yelled “NO there is nothing to talk about!!” I reminded her that the NP is concerned about her overall health so this is in fact where exactly we would talk about these sorts of things. M1 then said something that FLOORED me, she looked at the NP and said “Look if I have any questions I will talk to Mom she knows all about this stuff and my thoughts about this” The NP raised an eyebrow and shot me a look, yeah I heard it too and I am just as floored given the option my kid wanted to talk to me…thank you Holy High Roller!!!!!

M2 was up next and in her own way relayed to the NP about her life in grade four. She even turned bright red and told the NP “Look I got boobies now” The NP took it all in stride and reminded me that with all the “changes” menarche is just around the corner. Egad don’t remind me but yes I was aware. Yes I did talk to her about it. No I am not sure how much she ‘gets it’. M2 giggled through her exam and when the NP was done she said “Remember when I had to have you translate everything she said to me? I am doing pretty good now on my own aren’t I?” I laughed and said the speech therapist was to blame for that and the NP laughed as well. She then looked at me seriously and said “Remember how she use to cling to you, look at her now, quite the independent young lady.  Again Mom you must be doing something right”

I appreciated her pointing these things out as it is easy to get caught up in what is not or has not happened and yes you do lose sight of all the gains. Yes the girls have made strides and I am of course happy for them. So with two clean bills of health off we shall go to see what  changes this year brings.

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