Missing- One Birth Father

Well it is officially 6 weeks since the Little’s birth father has confirmed for a visit. He saw the kids two weeks ago at Mom’s house but has not called for his own visit which is I might add, supervised. The case worker got a hold of him last week and he claimed that he was changed to afternoon work program that is why he could not make it. SO they changed his visits to AM for tomorrow, he didn’t call again.

I am a pessimist I am assuming fell off the wagon but the case worker insists that if there was problem his counselor would call. I remember Dad in the beginning, he was a functioning addict would they know? Why isn’t he calling? Where the heck is he? In the beginning I was angry at the choices he made not to contact DSS but now I am worried. Is he using again? I desperately want this not to be the case BUT why then have you not come around for 6 long weeks.

I don’t even know what to tell Little Man. I have to say I don’t know and see the hurt on his face but I truly don’t know. I use to see Dad at the bus stop in the morning outside of work but lately I haven’t seen him at all. So I tell him I don’t know and he plagues me with questions as I continue to say I don’t know. I wish I had answers.

So the only option left is prayer for safety I suppose. Pray Dad is safe and that there is an equally understandable reason for his absence that I cannot think of because I am limited in my close-mindedness. Pray he is doing what he needs to for both his sake and the kids sake.

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