Kiddos to the rescue

Well it was bound to happen at some point but I truly assumed it would be to M2 as she is the most “coordination challenged” of our crew. We had an accident at Tae Kwon Do on Thursday and no it was not M2 who fell victim, unfortunately it was me.

We were sparring and the girls did non contact as they do not have protective gear but I could have contact as I do. We started off and each kid did a round before sitting down. I did three rounds before my final opponent, another black belt. Each round is three minutes and two minutes into the round she swung her leg up to kick me, I spun around to kick back and I felt it. The surge of pain through my rib cage as I fell to my knees and gasped aloud for air.

The referee called the match and I fought back the tears as my opponent left the mat. She looked aghast as she apologized for the clearly illegal hit. I grimaced and told her it would be all right, at least I prayed it would be all right. M2 grabbed my hand and started to cry. M1  grabbed some water and stood awkwardly around not sure what to do exactly. I assured both of them it would be all right and I really hoped I was not lying to them

Friday I could not move well but the kids all chipped in and helped around the house. M1 offered to make dinner and M2 offered to help give Little Bit a shower before bed. I thanked them all and complimented them on cooperation. Saturday we went back to class and it was mostly forms so that was helpful though it was getting harder to breath. Sunday morning it hurt to move. It hurt to  breath and I almost cried when I picked up Little Bit. Seeing my obvious distress M1 quickly stepped in and took Little Bit from me. Little Bit cried and wanted “nuggles” though I could not have her anywhere near my chest. I felt horrible but ALL the kids assured Little Bit I was not mad I just hurt.

Today I went in and found out it was at least bruised ribs. I will find out tomorrow if they are cracked though the doctor doubted it. The kids asked when they came home and I updated them. Little Bit grabbed my hand and said “Where you boo boo I give it kisses?” M2 buried her head in my chest and said “I be good so you don’t have to yell at me and hurt your chest” I told them both it would be all right with some time. Little Man yanked on my hand and I said “What’s up?” He said “I gots really big muscles what do you want me to carry for you?”

I love my kids!!!!! They really do care and I am proud of all of them.

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