Countdown to Disney

Well life in NY is snowy at the least.

The path to my house from the driveway before the last 5 inches of snow.
The path to my house from the driveway before the last 5 inches of snow.

The good news is that in a few short days, 2 to be exact, we are heading to Orlando Florida for our yearly trip to Disney. The better news is that all five of us our going. I am sooooo excited I can’t even stand it. My girls  are thrilled as they love Disney but the Littles have not gone so this is their first time. I was trying to explain to Little Man it does not snow in Florida and that it is warm but when he is surrounded by 36 inches of snow it is hard for him to understand. I told Little Bit we are going to the Princesses house and she is over the top excited. Little Man is disappointed that there are no Ninja Turtles but took heart that there would be a Buzz Lightyear.

I made sure to thank both parents for this opportunity and explained how much it meant to me. I knew it was hard on the parents too because both said they wished it could be them taking the kids but I did give my word they would have a great time. I did feel badly for them but do appreciate the fact they are letting me do it they could have said no all together. I of course will take gads of photos for them both to have of this vacation.

We leave tomorrow to go to my parents to spend the night. I thought it would be easier to take them on a one hour drive before a long plane ride then a 3 hour drive to a plane ride. My Mom laughed and said “God Bless ya” when I told her I was taking all the kids but I think we will be all right. There is a pool we can swim in when not at Disney and of course the playgrounds in the hotel area. I am a bit nervous but not feeling overwhelmed….hope I am being realistic.

Cinderella's castle of course.
Cinderella’s castle of course.

So I am off to see if I can find my I-pod as I have a 5k walk on Friday and a half marathon on Sunday and I gotta have my music to walk fast. I can’t wait to go and will definitely post of the adventures when we return.

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