I just need some space

It was the parenting day from hades plus a mentally tough day at work. I got home put half the kids to bed early, grounded the oldest and just stared at the baby.

The sitter laughed at me and I said “You know what I need some alone time” and I walked out of the house as the sitter called “Enjoy”  I took some time to just be ALONE without someone yelling Mom or asking me questions. I walked and walked till I was tired then I came home to the kids in bed. The sitter smiled and asked if I was all right and I laughed, yeah I am fine I just needed some me time. She smiled and said “Yeah it happens”

Now to deal with M1 and how she blew off her ride home to spend time with her love interest and then blew me off for 25 minutes after I came to get her. Time to figure out how to get M2 to stop melting down every morning instead of going to her class. Time to get Little Man to stop being belligerent and arguing anything you say and lastly time to get Little Bit to stop saying no.

Yep I am booked gotta love this parenting gig I got going!!

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