Superbowl and the kidlets

So I don’t do TV in our house really, we have one and sometimes we watch what is actually current but not usually. Today I told the kids we could watch the Superbowl. They were off the wall excited and I approached it cautiously so much could go wrong.

We all hop on the couch, Me with Little Bit in my lap, Little Man, M2 and M1. Suddenly Mocha the big black  lab jumps up and crawls into M1’s lap. Then two of the cats crawl into my lap. Yep one big happy…albeit warm….family. The games starts and so do the questions. What are they doing, why do they do that, what is this called?  OMG I just want to watch the game!!!

I take a deep breath…ok no one in the house explains this to them. I don’t have a sports fan that would have done all the talking so it falls to me. I laugh to myself as I explain each play to the kids. In the back of my head I hear my Dad talking to me and my brothers about the game. I hear my Mom…Honestly J what does a girl need to know all that for?  My Dad “Well dear some day when she has a husband he will appreciate that she knows what is going on”  I laugh to myself again…husband…yeah right!! Thanks Dad..the grandkids say thanks too.

Half time is bedtime for three out of four. The go quickly as they are tired. I sit watching it with M1 and suddenly she says “Who is that?” I say “Lenny Kravitz” A few minutes later “Who is that?” I reply “Missy Elliot”  She looks confused and asked if these people use to be popular and I laughed…umm yeah back when I was taking your aunt out of the group home on weekends.  Egads I am old. She takes it for what it is worth but then the Salt and Peppa commercial comes on and she asks if they are famous too…OMG yes honey they were on the radio!! Was this how my mother felt when I started listening to George Michael?

Ah well some family fun for sure and I am grateful for days like these. We are all together as a family enjoying something out of the norm for us. The kids hope the Seattle Seahawks win…as for me…well I am in it for the commercials.

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