Shaved heads and green hair

So finally today I was able to get to the salon to get my hair dyed as it was sadly needed. I take M1 and M2 with me after church and we go off. When we get there M2 is BEGGING to let me “cut real short” her hair. I tell her I am worried kids will tease her that she looks like a boy and she does not care she WANTS a hair cut. The stylist says she knows a feminine cut that would work so I agree. Yeah we both win.

Yes 100% phony glasses having fun with Photoshop
Yes 100% phony glasses having fun with Photoshop

She gets done and is so happy she is hopping. M1 meanwhile is just staring at me getting my hair dyed. I tell her if she has questions (she wants to dye her hair) she should ask the professional. She asks some basic questions and then relays she wants to dye her hair black. Both stylists look at her and say “OMG NO” I  have to laugh, honestly I don’t care. They talk to her about what black looks like and how it would look horrific on her (I agree) and that it was the worst color to get out should she hate it.

M1 looks stymied but coming from other than Mom is sounds better. She then relays that one of her friends has part of her head shaved. I said “Cool” and M1 looked at me oddly and said “Would you do it?”  I laugh and explain at 14 it looks cool at 46 it looks ridiculous. She says “Can I do it?” I shrug my shoulders and say “Sure why not”. M1 stares at me with an incredulous expression on her face and asks again so I repeat “I did not stutter I do not care, your hair your choice, you understand it will be a LONG time to grow back but whatever”

M1 goes to tell the stylist at the register and makes the request suddenly I hear “Who is your parent and do they know what you are asking?” I get up I identify that I am the parent and I am clear what she said and am in agreement. They make me sign a waiver (no kidding) and M1 takes the chair. It comes off quickly and the stylist says “It would look cool if it was colored would your Mom let you do that?” and she looks at me. I ask what kind of color and how long it stays and she relays a couple of weeks (maybe two) and then washes out so I agree. Whatever it is just hair after all.

Sporting more photoshopped shades
Sporting more photoshopped shades

M1 is so thrilled all she can say is “Sic” over and over. All I can hear in my head is my Mom critiquing me “Honestly, you let them do whatever they want don’t you? What kind of style is that? Do you give into every fad?” I shake my head no time for those voices, my kids, my choice no one has to agree with me. Both kids are super pumped and are hopping all around the salon. My stylist finishes with me and I pay and off we go.

I laugh as we walk away they are happy my parents will lecture me… yep all is well in the world.

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  1. Love it! The parental criticisms…they are never ending. Whatever man–I think it looks awesome! Of course I’m rocking a high top fade at the moment. It’s hair, it grows back and there are always extensions. I’m glad you had such a good day!

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