Pink Eye, New Stove and the GAL

Think they are not related…ah you will learn young grasshopper. OK so last week the stove died so I had to buy a new one. It was delivered today. Good news because yesterday  went to the On Call and found out that Little Bit did in fact share her pink eye with me so I am home from yes the stove can be delivered. The funny part was last night at On Call.

The Receptionist (in a whisper) “Aren’t you that foster parent?”

Me “Yes I am a foster parent. I am not sure if I am ‘that’ foster parent but I am one foster parent.

The Nurse “Hey I know you, you are the foster parent of all those kids. Oh dear they certainly shared with you that looks painful” (umm yes in fact it is)

The Doc “Aren’t you a little old for pink eye? Oh wait you are that foster mom with all those kids. I am guessing one gave it to you?” (no I found it on my own?!?!)

So now that a bunch of people I don’t know, mainly everyone in the waiting room, knows I am a foster parent, I will take was it left of my identity and my prescription and go LOL

Well since I am at home I make some phone calls. I call C’s case manger no answer and no call back. I call C’s GAL and we have a GREAT talk. Did I mention it was an awesome talk? I asked her to talk to me about C as a person, a kid and a young lady. I let her know I had the case studies but I want to know favorite foods, music, activities, colors, what she fears, what she loves etc. You know all the things that make C well C.

God bless her, and I mean it sincerely, the GAL spoke openly and honestly with me about the dark days and where she has progressed to. She spoke of high and low points making it very clear how much she cared for C. I found out C has two younger brothers who were adopted together and one older brother who had a disrupted adoption. I found out that we both hate heights and like the color blue. It felt so right when I talked to her that I was afraid, I mean the homefinder could still blow us up but…….the more I talked to the GAL the more I did not want that to happen. Sadly though it could.

So now I wait, well all right I am going to put more stupid drops in my eyes, but I wait to hear back from the homefinder and HOPE that she will schedule the disclosure meeting for me.

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