Newest Yellow Belts

Well the day is finally here and I faced it with dread. M2 would have to go onto the mat without me to help her, follow the directions and take her test for her yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. I tried to encourage her in the morning telling her how smart she was and how she knew her stuff. She alternately screamed at me and cursed at me. I dropped it because whatever it was  not working. After several hours of silence and on the drive to the test I hear “I do my best job Mum Mum.” I hugged her tight and said “That is all I am asking” I reminded M1 to put some effort in for a change because she was not going to skate by this time and if she ever wanted to be advanced she has to prove she had skill which to date she has not done. In typical teen response she rolled her eyes and muttered “Yeah I know”

Girls lined up for their test.
Girls lined up for their test.

I swallowed hard and prayed harder. Yes the graders know she is special needs there are two in this class so exceptions are made BUT she had to do the whole thing without me according to the Grandmaster. I stood behind her off the mat and more then once she looked behind to see if I was there. Each time I smiled and gave a thumbs up. So far it was working she stayed on the mat and had not freaked out.

M2 doing a high block.
M2 doing a high block.
M1 doing a high block
M1 doing a high block








The test continued for an hour and despite numerous times looking back at me and making eye contact with me she never left the mat. The test ended and she positively beamed with pride. When she was handed her yellow belt she screamed “MUM MUM I DID IT!!!” and Master T our primary instructor gave her a hug. They let her leave the mat to jump into my arms as I tried not to cry from relief. M1 looked mortified but whatever I smiled at her and reminded her that she did awesome too and she blushed and  smiled.

Definitely a good day of accomplishments today and I am very proud of my kiddos.

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