An Email from the Twilight Zone

So I am at work and I check my personal email and see a bizarre email

I noticed you recently viewed C’s profile on the ***** website. 
I am C’s  Recruiter.  I reviewed your posted information on the site and felt you may have some match potential with C.
C is an amazing girl who REALLY wants to locate her forever family. Please take a look at C’s flyer and video. Her video can be found at

OK that was last month I was at that website so totally forgot I went there and yes I did look at the child in question. Oh wait she is not a child, she looked to be M1’s age she is actually 18. Now normally I do not entertain kids over M1’s age so I moved on without much more thought. So now I wonder….why did this happen? Why did this worker reach out to me about this child at this time? I know tons of questions without a real answer and sometimes I will be honest I read too much into it. At this point the worker is probably looking into anyone who is vaguely interested and meets some basic requirements.
I run it past my BFF and she says only that she thought I wanted younger then M1 but other then that it seemed pretty good. I showed M1 the email and the video and asked what she thought. Her whole face lit up and she said “Please Mom look into it!” I laughed to myself, no the age is really not an issue I am definitely old enough to have a kid this age too!!
I don’t know though it was not at all what I thought. Could I be getting steered in a different direction? I contacted the worker and asked some pointed questions, lets see how this rolls. Next up is my worker and we all know what a bear she can be LOL!!!

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  1. The worker said she is desperate to find a family for the girl. She said normally case workers do not reach out but since she truly wants the kid to find a home she is looking at anyone who might be interested and met some basic criteria. The child is listed on AdoptUsKids and also on A Family for Every Child.

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