Merry Christmas one and all

M2's presents
M2’s presents

M1's presents
M1’s presents

The big day finally came. M2 was up later then usual for her and bounced me out of bed yelling “Santa knows I still like Toy Story” I opened one eye and saw it was light out…translation no chance of getting more sleep. M1 came up a bit later and brought some gifts to open. She bought me a travel mug from Dunkin Donuts my all time favorite coffee place and some Dunkin Donuts coffee. It was incredibly thoughtful of her and I told her so.

We went downstairs and opened the gifts. No it is not a lot but I do that on purpose. I don’t believe in spoiling kids or giving them all they want. They have to prioritize what is most important and go from there. I also discovered they really don’t play with tons of toys so why bother. They both got the gift they wanted and some additional things they liked and were very happy…well for a minute at least.

M1 complained she was not feeling well. Yep its Christmas and per usual she has her annual virus. Her stomach hurts, she gets sick, sleeps all day and is fine tomorrow. See why I don’t entertain? I gave her some things to help her stomach and she is resting now while M2 is down stairs. We are all missing the Little ones but it is so much quieter without them. Still we miss them terrible. The house is trashed and the kids are relatively happy, I count that as a success.

It is a beautiful day out so maybe I will take M1 for a walk with the dog. It will give M2 some peace to feel better and give all of us some exercise.

So Merry Christmas one and all. Happy Birthday Jesus and many blessings to all this coming year.

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