A Crazy Plan That Actually Worked

So how many of you have ever had one of those days were everything is so freaking nuts you thought “Oh well what the hell, nothing else worked lets try this….” and then tried something you usually would not even consider?

I went to work this morning after being offered a new job yesterday and the fall out was obvious. The senior counselor was angry and not talking to me. Please don’t get me started on the immaturity no point. The other counselor spends the morning telling me how horrible her life is going to be and how much more work it will be for her. My supervisor sends me tons of notes reminding me to document all I do. Yeah phenomenal I can feel the love people.

The phone rings in the afternoon and it is the school. I must come get Little Man immediately he is out of control and listening to no one. Fan freaking tastic this day just getting better. I tell the boss and she is not happy how can I document if I am not there. Whatever crisis at home figure it the heck out. I drive to school calling the case worker in route. I have no idea what to do, this is day two of the out of control behavior and now it is serious. I report to the Principal’s office and Little Man is there in tears. The Principal read him the riot act and I reiterated the riot act.

I bring him home and he screams for at least 15 minutes. I have patience, not enough for a saint though, this is getting old we did this yesterday. M1 comes home and apparently got the memo about being the beotch from hades when at home. Again not enough patience. I sit both down and go between conversations trying to resolve why M1 did not do her laundry assigned and why Little Man is out of control. I am pretty sure I was the video for insanity as I carried on two conversations simultaneously but what choice do I have no one else lives here. In the midst of it the case worker calls, he offers ridiculous assistance. Really that is the best you can do…sigh whatever out of patience and no clue where the heck to go from here.

I get up and walk into the kitchen. I need to breath and need to focus. I reset and go back in M1 is told to walk the dog and Little Man is given a snack. I don’t know what to do…if Little Man is not back under control the sitter won’t be able to manage and I want to go to TKD. Yes selfish go ahead and judge. All of the sudden it hits me…it is buddy week at TKD, you can take a buddy. I yell to M1 to grab the schedule as she comes in and see the white belt class is in an hour and a half. I wonder if I can convince M2 to take Little Man to class and go without me?!?!?!? I run the idea past M1 and she tilts her head sideways and says maybe. I mean come on if I exercise him for a bit he will get the negative energy out too right???

We go pick up M2 and I propose the class to her. She is hesitant and points out that Little Man got kicked out of school today so he is in trouble. I dismiss her issue and ask again would she go and help Little Man. Well those words are gold to M2 she loves to help. She agrees and we pick up Little Bit and go to TKD. I tell the Master we are bringing a buddy but he is too little for the late class so we are going to the early class. He smiles broadly and welcomes him.

Over the next 45 minutes Little Man is “forced” to run, hop, skip, jump, crawl, run and dodge non stop. He is a constant state of motion and tries he best to keep up. M2 is proud of herself as she “coaches” Little Man to do his best and go faster and harder. Little Bit is jealous and near the end of the class she is also encouraged to participate. The last minutes were solid exercise and all three kids did their best to keep going. Class ends and we head home. I let the sitter now what I did and she sort of smiled at me and said “Crazy enough to work”

I go to leave for my class and Little Man is in his PJs and ready for bed. Little Bit is rubbing her eyes and asking for “nuggle time” Oh yeah baby I win the kids are down and I get to go to class. I am excited as I rush out the door. My class is great and when I walk through the door 3 hours later the sitter greets me with a huge smile. All the kids were in bed by 7pm and asleep by 7:10 it is the easiest night ever.

Yep craziest plan ever and it worked…I am so proud of myself!!

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