Tis the season for the melt downs…

Ahh the stress of the holidays. Each year it looks a little different depending on my kid load but today the season officially started. I get an email from Little Man’s teacher “Is Little Man leaving soon. He announced to everyone today he is leaving soon” Ummmm no that is not going to happen but had to figure this was coming.

I go to pick the kids up and the site director looks at me and explains both Little Man and M2 were hellions for lack of a better word. I look at the both and the look of guilt overwhelms them both and they look at their shoes. I tell them to get their stuff we would talk later. I apologize to the staff and walk mostly steaming to the car. The kids say close to nothing and when I asked for an explanation nothing was forth coming. Gad I love this part of parenting but can’t force them to talk so silently I am frustrated.

I put M2 at the table and tell her to do her work. I bring Little Man in the kitchen with me. I tell them they are not to have contact and no talking. Little Man rages full blown in the kitchen yelling, screaming and tantrumming. I grit my teeth if I outlast the tantrum I can make an impact if I give in he learns to tantrum. The screams are piercing and as I address him in a quiet tone forcing him to stop to hear me. Eventually the raging stops and tears are streaming down his face, oh lordy does my head hurt but yelling will not help. I must be in control. We talk about no he is not going home soon, no he cannot be unsafe at school and day care and yes we all love him very much but we can’t keep on like this. Through the sniffs he puts his arms up and I gather him up and hug him. It is after all tough being five and having no real understanding of the complications of your life.

We eat dinner and I address M2, remember she is the second half of this issue. She rants and yells but offers no clear reason for her craziness today. We rehash the rules and the consequences and she screams at me for a few more moments. Again I have to outlast it to teach beyond it so thank the good Lord I have tons of patience. When she is calm we discuss what rules were broken and the consequences. She is mad but understands for safety violations there must be consequences. Tears stream down her face and she states she is really sorry. Yeah I am sorry too but there are consequences for choices.

I tell them both to go to bed. I go to tuck them in and there are more tears from M2. I kiss her on the head and assure her I still love her but poor choices end up in yucky consequences. I tuck in Little Man and kiss him on the head. He grabs my neck and asks if I still love him, of course honey but we can’t spend a day being unsafe and expect it to go well. I walk up the stairs and see Little Bit. She holds out her hands and says “It OK Mommy I nuggle you on a couch” So we sit and have a quick snuggle before I bring her up and tuck her in.

Whew survived the first wave…time for Tylenol and mindless television.

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